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Richard Keys compares Jack Grealish to 'Gazza' and accuses him of 'alcohol abuse'

Richard Keys compares Jack Grealish to 'Gazza' and accuses him of 'alcohol abuse'

Fans generally enjoyed Grealish's partying following Manchester City's Champions League victory but Keys isn't on board.

Jack Grealish might say that it was just banter but Richard Keys isn't happy with the Manchester City stars drinking during the team's Treble celebrations.

You'd like to think if you won a Champions League title you'd enjoy it as much as Grealish was, never mind the fact it accompanied success in the Premier League and FA Cup.

The City star revealed he was in a 'world of pain' following the celebrations after the win in Istanbul, which also saw them fly out to Ibiza just for a few hours.

It wasn't too much surprise how difficult he found the aftermath considering he didn't even sleep in the 48 hours after the final whistle.

Clearly fans were generally enjoying the antics, no doubt because they were so relatable, and England supporters had a new chant for him at Old Trafford on Monday.

As always with these things there have been some naysayers and the former Aston Villa captain replied to any criticism recently.

"I know obviously some people have had a little bit to say about me celebrating but you’ve got to remember, the whole team celebrated, it was not just me," the 27-year-old said.

However that hasn't been enough for former Sky Sports presenter Keys, who has been critical of the forward on social media, comparing him to Paul Gascoigne.

"Hilarious. What a lad," Keys said on Twitter.

"The trouble is Jack that there’s nothing funny about alcohol abuse. Celebrate by all means - responsibly. It didn’t work out too well for Gazza did it? Our last ‘lad’."

Gazza famously caused controversy when he and the rest of the England squad were on a tour of Asia ahead of Euro 96, held in England.

The players were pictured enjoying a night out a little too much, with the then Rangers star having drinks poured down his throat on a 'dentist's chair.'

He went on to score a world class goal as the Three Lions defeated Scotland in a group game and then lay on the floor as his teammates poured water down his throat as his celebration, incredible scenes.

Grealish will have to wait a whilst to bust out his own booze related celebration with City not back in action until the Community Shield.

Featured Image Credit: Manchester City/beIN SPORTS

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