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Jack Grealish hits back at criticism over his partying, tells them to give him a break after a long season

Jack Grealish hits back at criticism over his partying, tells them to give him a break after a long season

Jack Grealish has had a stellar season with Manchester City

Jack Grealish has hit back at criticism that he over celebrated Manchester City’s treble triumph.

Earlier in the month, City sealed their first-ever Champions League title after beating Inter Milan 1-0 in Istanbul.

As a result, Pep Guardiola’s men also secured the treble having already won the Premier League and FA Cup.

After their triumph in Istanbul, Grealish made headlines after he was seen enjoying himself during a trip to Ibiza and during City’s open-top bus parade in the city of Manchester.

Some people criticised the Englishman for over-partying as he was due to report for international duty a few days after City’s season had finished.

However, Grealish has now hit back at that criticism.

Speaking after England’s 7-0 win against North Macedonia at Old Trafford, Grealish told Channel 4: “I’ll be honest the last weekend, that Saturday, Sunday and Monday was the best weekend of my life honestly.

“Obviously the Saturday, to win the treble, at the time I just thought we won the Champions League and then when you think about it I was like ‘We’ve actually won the treble as well’. It was unbelievable honestly.”

Grealish continued: “I know obviously some people have had a little bit to say about me celebrating but you’ve got to remember, the whole team celebrated, it was not just me.

“There were a few videos of me and stuff but I went back on my camera roll on my phone, I was in pre-season on 11th of July and it’s now 19th of June. I’ve been playing for nearly 12 months so give us a break will you, I’m just enjoying myself.”

Throughout the 22/23 season, Grealish made 50 appearances across all competitions, scoring five and assisting 11.

After the match against Inter, an emotional Grealish told BT Sports: “This is just what you work your whole life for. I’m so happy, man. I played so dead today I was awful, I don’t care though. Honestly, to win the treble with this group of players and this staff it’s so special.

“Anyone that knows me knows how much of a family person I am and how much I love football and I don’t know, this is what I’ve worked for my whole life.”

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4/Man City

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