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Independiente Star Has Fish Thrown At His Face By Rival Fans

Independiente Star Has Fish Thrown At His Face By Rival Fans

Leandro Fernandez was hit in the face by a fish thrown from the Racing Club fans, during their Primera Division game with Independiente.

Independiente forward Leandro Fernandez was struck down on the pitch, during the club's Primera Division match in Argentina, after he had a fish thrown at him.

There were no brawls or sendings off during the Avellaneda derby on July 10th, but a video of a player being hit by a fish has gone viral, as you'd imagine it would.

In the 49th minute of the game, Fernandez was hit by the 'missile' during the match against Independiente's rivals, Racing Club, at the Estadio Presidente Peron.

Racing took the lead after eight minutes, and they never gave up the lead in a match that only saw eight shots on target between the two sides.

Whilst there was no red cards or huge brawls between the sides, tensions still boiled over at times, as the referee dolled out eight yellow cards.

However, it was the crowd who were least well behaved, as Fernandez was hit by the fish right at the beginning of the second half.

The 31-year-old forward had only just come on at half time, in an attempt to change the game, but was soon being checked by the medical staff, because of the fish.

A stretcher was deployed, and initially took the forward off the pitch, but he returned, although to no avail, as Racing held on to their lead.

The fish hits Fernandez. Image: Twitter
The fish hits Fernandez. Image: Twitter

It's not the first time an animal has been thrown from the stands, with Figo once pelted by a pig's head when the former Barcelona star returned to the Nou Camp as a Real Madrid player.

Back in 2016, Gerard Pique just managed to avoid a similar incident during a game against Espanyol, as he ended up on the bench for the derby.

Fernandez holds his face after being struck. Image: Twitter
Fernandez holds his face after being struck. Image: Twitter

Fans in Argentina certainly have a reputation for their boisterous ways, although players don't tend to get his by fish all that often.

Recently a video from Boca Junior's famous Bombonera went viral, as those watching on the internet were pretty horrified by the scenes in Buenos Aires.

A crack in the ground on the upper tier of the ground, built in 1904, showed how dangerous it was to be in the gods in Argentina's most famous ground.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter

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