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Sean Dyche immediately banned two items after taking over as Everton manager

Sean Dyche immediately banned two items after taking over as Everton manager

Sean Dyche stamped his authority immediately after taking the reins at Everton.

Sean Dyche is a man who likes to lay down the law and he did just that as soon as he was appointed Everton manager.

The former Burnley boss has been in the job for just over a year now and helped steer Everton safety last season.

He is hoping to do the same this term, though the task has been made a little more difficult by a 10-point deduction imposed.

Dyche is known to be a no-nonsense disciplinarian and immediately after taking the job, he made his players do the gruelling bleep test.

And in addition to that, Dyche banned the wearing of snoods and hats in training - while also enforcing shinpads wore sported during sessions.

But Dyche defended his actions, claiming that it was common sense as opposed to it being a case of him coming down hard on the squad.

"This has been going round for years and it drives me mad," he said, as per the Liverpool Echo. Unless I’ve been out of the game for too long, you’re not allowed to wear hats when you play on a Saturday, you’re not allowed to wear snoods when you play on a Saturday and you have to, by the rules, wear shin pads. It is not rocket science.

"Everyone makes the mythical story that it’s hard lines from Sean Dyche. It is just common sense. You train how you play, how can you train how you play if you have 14 snoods on, 15 hats and leggings, no shin pads, white socks, it’s not relevant. I told the players, ‘these myths I’m going to bust them for you right now’.

"I explained to them. There is not a single player here where everything is not explained to them. I’d be surprised if any of them are in the dark on anything. I explain everything to them and the reason behind it."

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Image: Getty

Dyche is also renowned for a classic fine and forfeit wheel which he implements at every club he is at.

At Burnley, he also allowed every player to be presented with a cake on the birthday - but this was scrapped when Vincent Kompany became manager.

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