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YouTuber who bought Marcus Rashford's wrecked Rolls Royce involved in huge crash

YouTuber who bought Marcus Rashford's wrecked Rolls Royce involved in huge crash

The YouTuber had been trying to rebuild Marcus Rashford’s wrecked Rolls Royce

The YouTuber who bought Manchester United star Marcus Rashford’s wrecked Rolls Royce has been involved in a huge crash.

Back in September 2023, Rashford crashed in £700,00 Rolls Royce when driving home after United’s victory over Burnley.

On the back of the accident, the car was written off and was then sold at an auction, going for £184,000.

YouTuber, Mat Armstrong bought the car and attempted to rebuild it.

Rashford’s team got in touch with Armstrong after his video went viral.

A message read: “Hi, I deal with all of the cars from Marcus, I believe we still have a few bits from the car you might need, we might have the v5 spare key and a couple more bits from when the car got recovered. We also have the ghost code and tracker information if you want us to get them to you?”

After getting some help from Rashford’s team, Armstrong posted a video of him attempting to drive the Rolls Royce.

He said in the video: “It feels massive. I've got no brakes, every warning light is on the dashboard but we are cruising in Rashford's Rolls Royce.

“It does look a mess but what an achievement so far. To get this thing moving... we're one step closer now.”

In his latest video, Armstrong was involved in an accident of his own, this time in his Lamborghini Gallardo.

During the introduction of the video, Armstrong’s Lamborghini was looking slightly worse for wear.

He said: “How the tables have turned, after rebuilding all of these crazy supercars, these fast cars, this is bound to happen to me at some point.

“And it’s happened to my Gallardo.”

Playing a clip from the accident, Armstrong was heard saying: “Oh my god, I can’t believe this just happened. Literally, it’s wet and I just completely lost control of the car like completely lost control of it.

“Oh no, it’s so bad, I’ve hit that post. I weren’t even going fast as well, I just came out, I’ve got slicks on and it’s wet. I don’t know what I’m going to do here.”

Although the car was left in a state, Armstrong appeared to come away from the accident unhurt.

Featured Image Credit: Getty/YouTube@MatArmstrongbmx

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