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YouTuber who fixed Marcus Rashford's Rolls Royce finally attempts to drive it on the road

YouTuber who fixed Marcus Rashford's Rolls Royce finally attempts to drive it on the road

Mat Armstrong bought the custom Mansory Black Badge Wraith for £184,000 at auction.

A YouTuber who bought Marcus Rashford's damaged Rolls Royce at auction has finally managed to get it on the road.

Mat Armstrong, a content creator from Leicester, has built a hugely successful YouTube channel by restoring wrecked supercars.

In the past, he has helped rebuild a number of expensive vehicles, including the Lamborghini Countach used in the film The Wolf Of Wall Street.

But his biggest task to date has been the restoration of Rashford’s custom Mansory Black Badge Wraith.

Back in September last year, the Manchester United forward crashed the £700,000 car as he left the Carrington training base.

Neither Rashford or the other driver, an elderly woman, were injured in the collision and no ambulance was required.

The vehicle, meanwhile, was significantly damaged by the crash, although Armstrong was convinced he could restore the vehicle, which had just 1,000 miles on its clock.

He got to work straight away but the damage was "way worse" than he thought and on top of that, the custom parts needed from Mansory were astronomically expensive.

Mat, who has 2.7 million subscribers, then purchased another Rolls Royce for £90,000 to get parts.

And finally, after countless hours hard work, the Mansory Black Badge Wraith was back on the road – and it made for an entertaining watch.

"It feels massive," he laughed. "I've got no brakes, every warning light is on the dashboard but we are cruising in Rashford's Rolls Royce."

Armstrong added: "It does look a mess but what an achievement so far. To get this thing moving... we're one step closer now."

As you can see from the footage above, Mat also confirmed that they need to solve the brake issue, as well as the lack of air bags, but the progress made so far is promising.

In another video uploaded to his channel earlier this month, the YouTuber revealed that Rashford and his team had become aware about his restoration and got in touch with a message.

It read: "Hi, I deal with all of the cars from Marcus, I believe we still have a few bits from the car you might need, we might have the v5 spare key and a couple more bits from when the car got recovered.

"We also have the ghost code and tracker information if you want us to get them to you?"

Image credit: YouTube/Mat Armstrong
Image credit: YouTube/Mat Armstrong

Matt was soon given a number of different car parts which had been in a lock-up, including a Mansory bag and car cover, Mansory floor and boot mats, Mansory grill surround, a Rolls Royce front grill with the Mansory insert and a wheel cap.

"I want to say thanks for Rashford's team for giving us all of this because they didn't have to," he said. "It saved us so much money."

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Mat Armstrong

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