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Gary Neville left stunned by Jamie Carragher admission on Stick to Football, his response is hilarious

Gary Neville left stunned by Jamie Carragher admission on Stick to Football, his response is hilarious

His response was brilliant.

Gary Neville was left shocked by a surprising Jamie Carragher admission on the latest episode of 'Stick to Football'.

The quintet joined together to discuss Liverpool's Carabao Cup final win over Chelsea, Neville's 'billion pound bottle jobs' commentary line towards the Blues, and plenty of other topics.

The 'Stick to Football' broadcasts have been praised for the introduction to each podcast, which shows what the pundits talk about before the cameras officially start rolling.

This week, the discussion ended up being about chicken, with Scott revealing she had been able to cut 30 minutes off the cooking time by using an air fryer.

The Overlap/Stick to Football

The chat started off with kitchens, as Keane jokingly telling Scott that his oven 'heated up the whole house'.

Carragher then brought up air fryers, to which Neville replied that he'd bought one - but doesn't cook.

But the Liverpool icon shocked the room with his admission.

He stated: "I've never cooked anything in my life."

Neville then asked: "You've cooked chicken breast, haven't you? Like chopped for a curry or something?"

But he was met with the response: "No, nothing. I haven't cooked anything in my life."

Neville then hilariously began getting more incredulous as he reeled off different types of chicken: "I can understand you not cooking a full chicken, because that's like proper cooking. But you must have done some chicken?

"You must have done chicken strips? Not even chicken nuggets? Chicken goujons? Chicken selects?"

After Carragher had again denied cooking each one, he quipped: "I've put my breakfast in the microwave!"

You can check out the clip, which begins at eight minutes in, below.

Carragher admitted: "When we were younger, my mum didn't let us anywhere near the kitchen," something Wright echoed from his own childhood.

And later in the clip, Wright admitted that he doesn't cook either - seemingly leaving Keane and Scott as the last ones standing.

The Stick to Football podcast is brought to you by Sky Bet.

Featured Image Credit: The Overlap/Stick to Football

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