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EA are proposing a controversial change to this year's game which will anger fans

EA are proposing a controversial change to this year's game which will anger fans

This is not going to go down well.

EA are reportedly considering introducing a very controversial feature to their new FC game this year and fans will be furious.

The first edition of the rebranded 'FC' was released in September last year, following the naming rights of FIFA being revoked for the first time since FIFA 94.

EA have dominated the football simulation scene for decades after blowing competition from Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) out of the water in the 2010s with features like Ultimate Team and CLUBS.

However, Cristiano Ronaldo recently invested $40m in the new football game UFL, which plans to rival EAFC in the coming years.

With EA FC24 coming to the end of its life cycle following the conclusion of the 23/24 domestic season, attention will now turn to the autumn release of FC25.

The game is expected to be released fully in late September with a closed Beta likely to be available to some in August, but reports are emerging of a very controversial potential addition to this year's game.

According to @FGZNews, EA are looking at putting “ads” into video games including EA FC 25, as early as this year.

This would include the company's other annual sports releases such as: F1, NBA, Madden and NHL.

While this may seem like a major change, there is already significant advertisements in the FC and FIFA games throughout the years.


During matches, the in-game billboards feature real adverts for partners of EA, and character customization on game modes such as VOLTA includes boots and branded clothing.

However, this news implies EA will be taking this a step further and while it is unknown what the extent of this will be many fans are fearful it will have a damaging impact on their gaming experience.

The last EAFC Game retailed at £59.99, with the 'special edition' costing significantly more, and if that amount of money doesn't even get you an ad-free experience, it could create serious backlash.

Featured Image Credit: EA

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