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Micah Richards has backed Jamie Carragher amid Kate Abdo controversy

Micah Richards has backed Jamie Carragher amid Kate Abdo controversy

Micah Richards has described explained why Jamie Carragher is different on CBS Sports to Sky Sports.

Micah Richards has backed colleague Jamie Carragher amid the controversy involving Kate Abdo on CBS Sports.

Carragher was facing calls to be sacked from viewers online after a joke he made about Abdo and other half Malik Scott on Tuesday night.

When the 42-year-old rejected the request to wear an Arsenal shirt, Carragher referenced her relationship to boxing trainer Scott and said: "Loyal to who? Not to Malik."

No public comment was made until Wednesday night's broadcast, where Abdo opened with a brilliant monologue where he said she feels like she has "gained three more" brothers from doing the show.

She then went on to refer to Carragher as "the middle child" who is "capable of saying anything for attention" but that he always apologises.

Abdo stated: "Then there is the middle child. Jamie Carragher. Chip on his shoulder. Capable of saying anything for attention.

"Does he go too far sometimes? Absolutely. Does he apologise? Yes he does. But all of us have that annoying family member that we all love and accept."

Richards is on air with Carragher on Sky and CBS and said the former England international is the "No.1 pundit in England" ahead of the likes of Gary Neville and Rio Ferdinand.

Image: getty
Image: getty

But while he is known for his in-depth analysis on Monday Night Football, Carragher brings a more authentic version of himself when with the CBS crew.

Richards believe Carragher has to be different to make it work and that is a big plus of the show.

Speaking in a interview with The Athletic: "Trust is the key for me. I think we’re comfortable in our own skin. Take Thierry Henry. He’s a legend of the game and he loves football. You got Carragher, the No. 1 pundit in England. But he has to sort of be a different Jamie on our show to make the show work.

"We all know our roles within the show to make it the best it can possibly be. We can’t have egos within the show. … I mean, I won the Premier League and Kate destroys me every single week in the show. But I know it’s for the good of the show, and as long as my credibility does not get lost, it’s totally fine. We have producers who allow us to do things that other companies probably wouldn’t allow. We trust and respect each other."

Image: Getty
Image: Getty

Henry is currently France Under 21 manager as well as a pundit, with his CBS contract up this year.

Abdo has said that it would be "damaging" if anyone from the team was to leave in the near future.

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