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Fans calling for Jamie Carragher 'to be sacked' by CBS after Kate Abdo joke went 'too far'

Fans calling for Jamie Carragher 'to be sacked' by CBS after Kate Abdo joke went 'too far'

Jamie Carragher's joke has caused a stir online.

Jamie Carragher has received backlash following a controversial joke he made during last night's CBS Champions League broadcast for Arsenal vs Porto.

The game saw Arsenal progress to the quarter-final stage of the competition for the first time since the 2009/10 season as they eventually got the better of Porto on penalties.

The victory against Porto made history for Mikel Arteta's side, as they made it four consecutive home games in the Champions League without conceding - a new club record.

As always the CBS team were on hand to cover the match in detail.

Despite having one of the most popular punditry lineups in the game with Carragher alongside Thierry Henry, and Micah Richards with Kate Abdo as presenter, the show received a lot of backlash online.

This was due to a comment made by Carragher during their post-match broadcast.

When Carragher insisted Abdo wore an Arsenal shirt for the final part of the broadcast she denied his request quite bluntly.

"No I'm loyal," The presenter responded to Carragher.

Then came the controversy, as Carragher decided to drop a joke about Abdo's relationship with American boxing trainer Malik Scott.

"Loyal to who? Not to Malik," Carragher said bringing complete silence amongst his fellow pundits Henry and Richards.

Despite Carragher's best efforts to mask the awkward moment with laughter, it was clear the joke hadn't gone down well with the panel and Abdo fired back.

"What? Why would you even say that?" Abdo told the former Liverpool defender.

Abdo wasn't the only one to take issue with the joke as fans on social media were quick to call out Carragher, and even claimed he should be sacked by CBS.

One fan passionately wrote: "Not just for Kate Abdo but for all women, CBS must absolutely sack Carragher for this cheap shot."

Another added: "Oi he's getting sacked man."

Kate Abdo- Getty
Kate Abdo- Getty

A third responded to the video with: "Carragher just ruined this legendary CBS lineup. He might get sacked for that."

A fourth continued to sympathise with Abdo: "Oof this is so awkward. Carragher has been on Twitter too much, taken it way too far. The jokes aren’t even funny tbh I feel bad for her and her man."

While another fan replied: "I think personal lives should be a boundary next time. No need to fire him."

While it seems fairly obvious Carragher meant no harm, it was a rather odd decision to make that sort of 'banter' on live TV.

Featured Image Credit: CBS

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