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Jamie Carragher fuels Arsenal row by sharing post mocking Mikel Arteta and Martin Odegaard

Jamie Carragher fuels Arsenal row by sharing post mocking Mikel Arteta and Martin Odegaard

Jamie Carragher poked fun at Arsenal on social media.

Jamie Carragher has doubled down on claims Arsenal over celebrated following their victory over Liverpool by poking fun at Martin Odegaard and Mikel Arteta on social media.

Arsenal beat Liverpool 3-1 at the Emirates last Sunday as they closed the gap on the league leaders by just two points.

After the match, Carragher took aim at Odegaard for his reaction following the final whistle.

He celebrated the win with the club's photographer in jubilant scenes.

But Odegaard's actions didn't go down well Carragher, who slammed the Arsenal skipper for the way he celebrated the three points.

On Sky Sports, he exclaimed: "Just get down the tunnel. You've won a game, three points, you've been brilliant.

"Back in the title race, get down the tunnel. I'm serious, honestly."

The Liverpool legend has continued to mock the Gunners by sharing a post online taunting Odegaard and Arteta.

On X, he reposted a video of a skit from Fantasy Football League.

It shows Matt Lucas, who plays Odegaard, asking Elis James, who plays Arteta, if they over celebrated their win against Liverpool, before going crazy after the Arsenal boss throws a piece of paper in the bin.

Odegaard, however, defended his side's celebrations on the pitch, which also included Arteta seemingly imitating Jurgen Klopp's trademark fist pumps.

"No, I think everyone who loves football, who understands football, they know how much it means to win this game," he said.

"We keep working hard and we prepare for the next one, but of course you have to be happy when you win.

"It was a massive game. It could have been eight points [the gap to Liverpool if Arsenal lost] and it would look a lot more difficult then, but we showed up, the fans were unbelievable.

"I think we all did this together. You see the club, how together we are, all the players, staff, supporters, everything. So yeah, brilliant to see."

Featured Image Credit: Getty/Sky Sports

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