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Timo Werner Finally Responds To Criticism From Chelsea Teammate Thiago Silva’s Wife

Timo Werner Finally Responds To Criticism From Chelsea Teammate Thiago Silva’s Wife

Chelsea striker has a message for Isabella Silva and "the other wives of my teammates".

Alex Reid

Alex Reid

Chelsea striker Timo Werner has finally opened up on the criticism he took from teammate Thiago Silva's wife.

Isabella Silva was sharing her thoughts on Instagram during Chelsea's Champions League semi-final first leg and - after Werner missed several glaring chances - she damningly assessed: "This is karma, guys. Every team I go to there is a striker who keeps missing goals... this Werner, what is his name?"

Ouch. However Isabella Silva changed her tune after Werner scored in the second leg, singing his praises - and the German international has now commented on the aftermath of what must have been an awkward situation between the teammates.

"Sometimes that can happen when the emotions are overflowing," Werner told Sky Sports Germany, adding that the Brazilian defender confronted him about it the day after the first leg.

"Thiago also apologised directly to me the next day. That's why the matter was ticked off," Werner explained.

"So I'm all the more happy that I am delighted not only for her, but also for the other wives of my teammates today. Hopefully I - or we - can get them to cheer again! It's the best thing that the women are happy... and that the fans are happy."

A wonderfully magnanimous response from the 25-year-old, which speaks to what a cheerful place the Chelsea dressing room must be right now.

Thiago Silva clearly read the problem and intercepted - as is his style - meaning any potential ill-feeling was put to bed.

During Wednesday night's 2-0 win over Real, that saw Chelsea progress to the Champions League final to meet Manchester City, Isabella Silva had clearly done a 180-turn on her opinions of Werner.

"That's what I'm talking about!" she cried when Werner gave Chelsea the lead in the 28th minute. "You know how to score a goal. You're the best, my friend!"

Werner has maintained an admirable attitude despite his occasional struggles in front of goal this season.

The former RB Leipzig forward has 12 goals and 13 assists in 47 games, but has had some horror misses along the way and once went 14 Premier League games in succession without a goal.

But he's contributed to the team in other ways with his pace, energy and all-round team play. And the goal against Real - and the only goal in a 1-0 win over West Ham - show his scoring touch might be coming back.

To quote Isabella Silva - Timo Werner, "You know how to score a goal." Well said.

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