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The Trailer For Pele's Netflix Documentary Has Dropped And It Looks Incredible

The Trailer For Pele's Netflix Documentary Has Dropped And It Looks Incredible

The documentary will feature a number of interviews, including the man himself.

Daniel Marland

Daniel Marland

A Netflix documentary following the life of footballing icon Pele is set to drop on February 23 and it promises to be essential viewing.

The Brazilian superstar is often regarded as one of the all-time greats and he won three World Cups with his country.

Now 80-years-old, he will offer incredible insight into his legendary career that spanned three decades.

A synopsis states the film will "chart Pele's remarkable journey to becoming the 'King of Football' and leading his nation's team to their historic win at the 1970 World Cup".

Among the names who have been interviewed are Zagallo, Amarildo and Jairzinho, who all won the World Cup with Pele previously.

Journalists and other figures within the footballing world also feature to give their perspective on a man who shaped a nation.

Fans have reacted to the trailer and they're keen to see it when it launches next month.

One commented: "This is a very important documentary, a must for all football fans. Pele is heavily disrespected, being called an offside merchant, tap-in merchant and whatnot. He might not be the goat, but he's still one the greatest ever to grace the game. Deserves more respect."


A second added: "Ok, this is why I happily pay y'all money. Pele is a legend!"

While another simply stated: "This will open people eyes so they now he's the real GOAT."

Pele recently found himself in the limelight for supposedly changing his Instagram bio in response to Cristiano Ronaldo surpassing his goalscoring record.

Ronaldo's brace in a 4-1 win over Udinese last month saw him reach 758 goals in his career - moving him one ahead of Pele in the all-time goalscoring rankings.

Eagle-eyed fans had spotted that Pele, who regularly gets jokes in relation to his goalscoring numbers, had apparently updated his Instagram to claim that he remains football's record scorer with 1,283 goals in what was deemed to be a serious "s**thouse" tactic.


However, the former New York Cosmos man claimed that his bio had not changed whatsoever.

"I was accused by the press of having changed my Instagram bio to overshadow these big stars that are breaking my records," Pele said on Twitter.

"The bio text has always been the same since I joined the platform. None of this should distract us from your incredible achievements."

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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