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Data Analysts Predict The UEFA Champions League Winners

Data Analysts Predict The UEFA Champions League Winners

By Mike Parrott

Data analysts have been able to predict the upcoming remainder of games in the UEFA Champions League. With 12 teams currently remaining, they predict a team to finally win the Champions League for the first time.

Stats and data don't tell the whole story, but they do fill out a lot of the blanks when it comes to comparing and predicting sports.

12 teams remain in the UEFA Champions League including Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain, Manchester City, Chelsea, Napoli, Juventus, Lyon, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Atalanta, Bayern Munich, and RB Leipzig.


Data analysts, have used their own data and algorithms to predict the outcome of these 12 teams in the remainder of their Champions League games.

12. Chelsea - <1%

11. Napoli - <1%


10. Lyon - <1%

9. Juventus - 2%

8. Real Madrid - 2%

7. Atalanta - 5%


6. Atletico Madrid - 7%

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5. RB Leipzig - 8%

4. Barcelona - 8%

3. Paris Saint-Germain - 14%

Data Analysts Predict The Winner Of This Season’s Champions League

Data Analysts Predict The Winner Of This Season’s Champions League

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2. Bayern Munich - 22%

1. Manchester City - 30%

According to this prediction, Manchester City will be winning their first-ever Champions League trophy and Pep Guardiola's first since 2011 for Barcelona. The English side are still in their round-of-16 tie against Real Madrid but see themselves with two away goals and Sergio Ramos unavailable for the second leg.


Bayern Munich see themselves second in the predictions, and right fully so. Currently 3-0 up against Chelsea in the round-of-16, the Bavarian giants have dominated their own league as well as Europe since the hiring of Hansi Flick.

Atalanta and RB Leipzig see themselves in the top seven, seventh and fifth respectively. The two smallest teams left will see themselves against each other in the quarter-finals and one of them will make the Champions League semi-finals for the first time in their team's histories.

Who do you think will win the Champions League?

Let us know in the comments below.

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