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There's a new slide tackle animation on FIFA 23 and it's going to be a danger on Pro Clubs

Jack Kenmare

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There's a new slide tackle animation on FIFA 23 and it's going to be a danger on Pro Clubs

A brand new 'leg breaker' slide tackle animation from leaked footage of FIFA 23 has emerged online, and people are already thinking of using it in their first game of Pro Clubs.

We are just 49 days away from the official release date of FIFA 23 – a game that has promised so much in terms of new features and gameplay.

From improved physics involving deflections that completely change the direction of the ball, to falls and stumbles being more genuine than ever, it seems plenty has been done to improve overall gameplay.



New blocks and tackling mechanics offering new ways to stop – or completely wipe out – your opponent have also emerged. Let me introduce the 'Hard Slide Tackle'.

Performed by pressing R1 + O || RB + X, the aggressive nature of the challenge will almost definitely become a way of letting off steam in-game.

Take a look at leaked footage of that tackle below.


As you can see, Lionel Messi clatters into the back of Liverpool midfielder Fabinho with a red card-worthy slide tackle. An early bath is almost guaranteed but you've got to admit; it does look pretty satisfying.

Here are some other changes made to tackling, including the 'Backheel Tackle' – a challenge that allows skilled defenders to quickly dispossess opponents without even breaking stride.

  • Slide tackles are now a part of the Active Touch system with increased responsiveness, and improved tackle outcomes
  • Standing Tackles will sometimes attempt to put the defender's body in front of the attacker when winning the ball
  • A dispossessed player will no longer attempt to make an unrequested tackle after losing the ball.
  • Shepherding the Ball: You can use a player’s body to shepherd the ball out of play.
  • When a slide tackle or knee slide has been performed, it will leave a mark on the pitch.

As mentioned earlier, one of the big improvements made in order to make the game as authentic as possible involves enhanced physics.

For example, after a player takes a shot, the goalkeeper's arms, hands and fingers will be pushed by the ball after deflections and subsequent saves.

Here's a teaser of those enhanced physics in action.


Thoughts on the new features? Will you be using that hard slide tackle in Pro Clubs?

Let us know in the comments.

Featured Image Credit: EA Sports/FIFA 23

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Jack Kenmare
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