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England fans invited to Qatari millionaire’s mansion after he spotted Premier League shirt

England fans invited to Qatari millionaire’s mansion after he spotted Premier League shirt

The group of fans described the experience as ‘surreal’

A group of England fans who travelled to the World Cup in Qatar were invited to a local millionaire’s mansion after he spotted one of them wearing a Premier League shirt.

England fan, Jassa Dehal and his friends met the businessman, known as Omar, and started chatting with each other after he spotted a Wolverhampton Wanderers shirt.

A day later, to Dehal and his friends’ surprise, Omar sent a car to pick them up as they headed to the man’s mansion for lunch.

After their initial conversation, Dehal received a message which read ‘there is a car waiting for you’. They were then driven to Omar’s mansion where he had a lunch feast prepared, including a football-themed fruit platter.

Dehal, who runs a butchers in Wolverhampton described the experience as surreal.

“You cannot even dream of what happened to us,” Dehal said, as per the Daily Mirror.

“We were in the bar of our hotel and he came over and said he knew Wolves. He noticed my Wolves shirt and we started talking about football, Wolves, Raul Jimenez and he said he was a Manchester United fan.

“He was really knowledgeable and knew a lot about Wolves, he knew we'd sacked the manager. He was such a nice, hospitable man, he started buying our food and drinks and didn't allow us to pay, but wanted to make us feel welcome in his home country.”

Dehal described the experience as 'surreal' and 'amazing'.

Dehal continued: “So we sat with him, had a great conversation about football and he then said we can come to his house tomorrow for lunch, and he took my number. Next day I get a call from him saying his driver is waiting outside our hotel to take us to his place.

“It said, 'There is a car waiting for you'. We couldn't believe it. We were shocked, as we didn't expect that to happen at all.

“We went to his house which was a massive mansion. We then sat with him, had tea and biscuits and he showed us around the house. Then we all watched the Germany vs Japan match and we sat and ate with him in the dining room on a huge dining table.

“When going around the house he took us to the swimming pool area and he said we could go for a swim but we weren't dressed for it. It was just a surreal experience and it shows that the hospitality of the Qatari people is top-class.”

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@MrTegSingh

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