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20 Years Since Dennis Bergkamp's Brilliant Goal Vs Newcastle United

20 Years Since Dennis Bergkamp's Brilliant Goal Vs Newcastle United

Bergkamp turned Newcastle defender Nikos Dabizas inside out but some people still don't think the Arsenal legend meant to do it.

It doesn't matter if he meant it or not, Dennis Bergkamp scored one of the greatest goals the Premier League has ever seen 20 years ago.

We all know the goal, Bergkamp collects the ball with back facing the goal, flicks it round Nikos Dabizas, runs the wrong way round the defender and slots it home.

It's one of the most famous, and best, goals in the history of the league, since it started in 1992 and if you still wouldn't find many better than that in the history of the football league.

Some people actually believe that the Dutchman didn't even mean to flick the ball round the Newcastle defender in that way and to that I say, "who cares?" seriously things done by accident can still be bloody brilliant and that's what this is.

Let's just enjoy it for the magnificent art that it is!

Imagine being so good that you can accidentally roll the ball past a defender like that and still have the speed of thought and foot to get beyond him going the other way.

Dabizas barely has time to realise what's just been done to him before throwing his body to the ground in a desperate last ditch attempt to stop the Arsenal forward from scoring.

For what it's worth, the Greek defender was more happy to be involved in the goal, saying, "I was part of a work of art because that move is one, real work of art. It was done by a genius, Bergkamp was a genius."

Maybe it benefits the 48-year-old to say it was a moment of genius or maybe it was just that it was a piece of genius, after all the former Ajax forward was well known for an insane first touch throughout his career.

Wayne Rooney will no exactly how Bergkamp feels, being questioned about one of his greatest and best remembered goals, with Manchester United's all time top scorer often criticised for 'shinning' the overhead kick against Manchester City.

It's unlikely that, like Bergkamp, the Derby Country manager will even care that the ball hit his shin and not his foot, on the way into the goal.

Rooney recently spoke to SPORTbible exclusively about one of his other famous moments in his career, when he attacked a drop ball against Hull in the most perfectly Rooney way possible.

"I just think I was at a point where I was thinking, my hair was going and I just shaved it off. It was doing my head in. And that coincides with the tackle," the former England captain told us.

Featured Image Credit: Sky Sports

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