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Jake Paul's Girlfriend Finally Responds To John Fury's X-Rated Taunt

Jake Paul's Girlfriend Finally Responds To John Fury's X-Rated Taunt

Julia Rose has shared her thoughts on John Fury's controversial dig.

Nasir Jabbar

Nasir Jabbar

Jake Paul's girlfriend, Julia Rose, has finally responded to John Fury's X-rated taunt and she's taken it surprisingly very well.

'Big' John unleashed a vulgar comment against Rose as he made a crude remark during the press conference promoting Paul vs. Tommy Fury.

He said: "When Tommy beats you, he is going to get your girlfriend and f**k her like a dog in front of you."

Of course, Tommy was forced to withdraw - with Team Paul drafting in Tyron Woodley for a rematch.

Despite a new opponent for her boyfriend, she was asked about the controversial remark.

Rose said it showed John's real 'character' as she brushed off his comment.

"At the end of day, I think it says more about him than it does about me," she told Boxing Social.

"If you are willing to say that about someone's girlfriend it shows your character not really mine.

"But I'm fine with it, me and Jake made a couple of TikTok videos to have a laugh with it, but other than it does not affect me at all."

The 4-0 boxer's mother echoed the same sentiment, slamming John's dig - calling it 'disgusting'.

Pam Stepnick said: "It was so disgusting that I turned it off. I never miss something that Jake is doing, like ever since he was five years old.

"But I just couldn't take the disgusting, vulgar comments from him and I don't know why he was doing the talking, he's not the fighter.

"Talking about Julia that way was needless and disgusting."

Featured Image Credit: BT Sport/Boxing Social/Julia Rose

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