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YouTuber shared footage of Jake Paul's childhood home after he claimed to come from 'absolutely nothing'

YouTuber shared footage of Jake Paul's childhood home after he claimed to come from 'absolutely nothing'

Jake Paul is preparing to face Mike Tyson in his next boxing match.

Jake Paul was once ridiculed on social media after claiming to come from "absolutely nothing".

Paul, 27, is currently preparing to face legendary heavyweight Mike Tyson, 57, in his next boxing match as he continue his career in the sport.

They will meet at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, on July 20 in what will be the main event of a card that will air on Netflix.

The controversial fight is expected to be an exhibition, although YouTuber-turned-boxer Paul confirmed earlier this week that they have hopes of getting the bout sanctioned as fully professional.

Earlier in his career, Paul sensationally claimed to have worked his way up from the bottom in his pursuit of boxing glory.

He made the comments in 2022 while responding to a video of Mexican fighter Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez.

In the clip, undisputed super-middleweight champion Canelo praised Paul and said he would be open to the possibility of fighting the American in two years if he improved.

Paul thanked Canelo for his comments and hit out at Matchroom Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn, who had previously labelled him an "average fighter" who would never become a world champion.

"Much to respect to @canelo here. Because he's done the impossible & created his own lane and legacy he can recognise the optimism required to do something that has never been done before," Paul posted on Twitter.

"While this interviewer & @EddieHearn call it delusion, the greats call it self belief."

Paul then took a further shot at Hearn, the son of Matchroom Boxing founder Barry Hearn.

"Not everyone inherits their daddy's company like Eddie Hearn," added Paul.

"Some of us have to believe in ourselves when we had absolutely nothing and foresee no possible way of overcoming our circumstances other than self belief."

Paul's comments certainly raised eyebrows, given his upbringing in the leafy Cleveland suburb of Westlake in Ohio.

One Twitter user responded by posting a picture of what he claimed to be Paul's childhood home, alongside the caption: "Facts. Not everyone comes from the hood like Jake Paul."

Paul had previously been accused of telling "lies" about his past after also claiming to "come from nothing" following his victory over Ben Askren in 2021.

A YouTuber named Sir Yacht, who claims to have grown up 10 minutes down the street from Paul, mocked the boxer's suggestion that because he landscaped as a job when he was younger, it meant he had struggled.

"Dude, you landscaped and had rich a** parents. That's not the struggle. That's just what every high schooler that was privileged did," said Sir Yacht.

He then posted video footage of the massive houses in Paul's neighbourhood, adding: "These are the type of houses he was landscaping in the mean streets of Westlake, Ohio.

"All you have to worry about round here is how mean the chihuahuas are and how loud the moms are in their Range Rovers."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/SirYacht & Instagram/JakePaul & MVP

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