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Comparison of Mike Tyson and Jake Paul's training footage emerges and has got boxing fans talking

Comparison of Mike Tyson and Jake Paul's training footage emerges and has got boxing fans talking

A video comparing Mike Tyson and Jake Paul's training has sent social media wild

A video comparing Jake Paul and Mike Tyson's training camps has surfaced online - it's got boxing fans talking.

Paul vs. Tyson is set for July 20 at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, in a exhibition bout that will be aired on Netflix.

It will be the boxing legend's first appearance since November 2020 when he took on fellow great Roy Jones Jr.

The 57-year-old is taking the bout very, very serious as he's made a major lifestyle change in preparation.

He sent a fresh warning to the 27-year-old as he shared a new training video.

Tyson looks to be in supreme shape, having showed off his legendary power following his blistering pad work with coach Rafael Cordeiro.

And footage of his training camp compared to his younger opponent has emerged online and it has sent social media into overdrive.

It shows Paul and Tyson going through their paces, but there's a stark difference in the intensity.

'The Problem Child' seems to have a more relaxed approach while the former world heavyweight champion is leaving no stone unturned as he goes through a gruelling training camp.

Needless to say, fight fans online made their feelings known of the video comparing Paul and Tyson's training.

One X user wrote: "If Iron Mike catches him with a solid right hook, Paul is going to start a cooking channel."

A second tweeted: "The only reason Tyson losing this match if this was a set up."

A third added: "Tyson out here looking like he’s training to bury someone. Meanwhile Jake Paul is looking like he belongs in a Planet Fitness fails compilation..."

A fourth joked: "I wouldn’t fight Tyson when he’s 90."

A fifth said: "Man, no one moves like Tyson. He stays so tight and compact but is so quick and powerful. Love to see it again."

Another commented: "Jake Paul is half Tyson’s age and doesn’t have the intensity Tyson still has. He’s like a 110v outlet and Tyson is 440v and ready to light Paul up."

Featured Image Credit: Jake Paul/Mike Tyson

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