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Jake Paul sets out plans if he loses grudge match to Nate Diaz

Jake Paul sets out plans if he loses grudge match to Nate Diaz

Paul faces former UFC star Diaz in his next fight and a loss would be his second in-a-row, after Tommy Fury beat him.

Jake Paul has claimed he could retire from boxing, if he suffers a second consecutive loss in the ring, when he faces Nate Diaz.

Paul built his boxing record up mainly fighting against former UFC stars that had left the organisation, helping them earn far more money in the ring than they would in the octagon.

He then finally came up against someone who'd fought other professional boxers earlier this year when, after two years of trying, he faced Tommy Fury.

Unsurprisingly Fury won the fight relatively easily, though he didn't get a knockout, and earned himself an official world ranking, entering the list at 39th.

The Problem Child straight away complained that he wanted a rematch, coming up with all sorts of reasons he'd lost, including wet dreams ahead of the fight.

But, instead of getting into the ring with his arch nemesis for a second time, the YouTuber is instead going backwards, by facing former UFC star Diaz.

In typical fashion for any of Paul's fights, the build up has been embroiled in back-and-forth between the two fighters, that even resulted in handbags at the press conference.

Jake's older brother Logan has joked he'll force his brother to change his name if he loses another fight and now the 26-year-old has gone further, suggesting he'll retire.

"Truly, this fight is do or die. I have to leave it all on the line," Paul said at a recent press conference.

"And the same is true for Nate Diaz. I just lost [to Tommy Fury]. And if [Diaz] beats me, where does that leave me?"

Paul could retire if he loses. Image: Alamy
Paul could retire if he loses. Image: Alamy

Asked by Ariel Helwani if he was done should he lose the fight, the social media star added, "In my mind, that’s how I’m treating it."

That makes complete sense, because if he can't beat Fury and he can't get one over a 38-year-old ex MMA star who's never had a professional boxing fight then who can he defeat?

Despite that, Paul actually believes that he deserves to be in the boxing hall of fame, actually getting quite animated when it was suggested he shouldn't be.

"I have done more for the sport than any boxers in current history. What is Floyd Mayweather done for the women's boxing? The list goes on, I've changed the whole entire game and brought a new 70 million followers to the sport," Paul genuinely claimed!

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Alamy

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