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Video Shows Floyd Mayweather ‘Vulnerability’ That Logan Paul Can Exploit

Video Shows Floyd Mayweather ‘Vulnerability’ That Logan Paul Can Exploit

Fans have leapt on a video which shows the major weakness Floyd Mayweather displayed in his fight with Conor McGregor, one that could cost him against Logan Paul.

The 50-0 boxing great is said to be in talks for an exhibition bout against the YouTuber for later this year - and a tweet from @BoxingKindgom14 shows how Paul's 'money punch' could be perfect against Mayweather. Entirely seriously, we're choosing to believe.

Mayweather's head was rocked back by a McGregor uppercut when the pair fought in 2017. That just happens to be the exact same right-hand punch with which Paul seriously hurt KSI last year. Can you smell Floyd's fear already?


The logic is undeniable (possibly): the uppercut is a dangerous weapon for a taller boxer against a shorter foe - and Paul will have at least six inches on Floyd. Also, Mayweather is three years rustier than when he fought Conor, while 25-year-old Paul is in the prime of his life.

Excuse us while we withdraw all of our money from the bank and bet it on Paul to win KO1 by devastating uppercut.

We're clearly not alone in this assessment as one Twitter boxing expert commented: "KSI is a younger, fresher version of Mayweather and Logan was robbed, I can't envision how Mayweather deals with Logan's power and ferocity."

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Video Shows Logan Paul Has Perfect Punch To Exploit Floyd Mayweather Weakness

Video Shows Logan Paul Has Perfect Punch To Exploit Floyd Mayweather Weakness

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Too true. There's also the factor that UFC star McGregor was a boxing novice, yet still surprised many by being competitive with Mayweather early on. Paul has a clear edge over Conor here, having already taken part in a professional boxing contest.

Like Mayweather, Logan has an unblemished pro record, although admittedly Floyd's 50-0 is all wins while Paul's 0-1 ledger signifies his sole defeat. But that presumably only makes him hungrier to succeed where the likes of Manny Pacquiao, Canelo Alvarez and Oscar De La Hoya have failed in handing Money May his ass.

However unlikely, there does seem to be growing momentum around the exhibition contest. After all, Floyd earned $9 million knocking out kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa in an exhibition bout in Japan in 2018 - and presumably could make even more for facing the higher-profile Paul.


In keeping with the ultra-competitive nature of Mayweather-Paul, we'd like to suggest an undercard consisting of Jake Paul vs Deontay Wilder; a tag team of Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury against Ant and Dec; plus a time-travelling Mike Tyson from 1985 against modern-day AnEsonGib.

Can you see any other result from Mayweather vs Paul apart from 'Money' lying flat on his back in pain and confusion as the referee counts to 10?

If so, let us know in the comments.

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