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Hafthor Bjornsson Shows Off Remarkable 55lb Weight Loss, Looks Totally Transformed

Hafthor Bjornsson Shows Off Remarkable 55lb Weight Loss, Looks Totally Transformed

'The Mountain' has seen four stone of weight roll off in a year.

Alex Reid

Alex Reid

Hafthor 'The Mountain' Bjornsson has shared images showing his dramatic weight cut as he trains for his grudge boxing match with Britain's Eddie Hall.

The Icelandic former World's Strongest Man winner shared a series of images of himself looking remarkably shredded via Instagram in which he revealed: "Bodyweight 155kg. Feeling fit, healthy and strong!"

When Bjornsson set his world record deadlift in 2020, he weighed around 180kg. So the 32-year-old has dropped 55lb - or just under four stone - in a year. And it shows, as he cuts a far more, well, cut figure in 2021.

Instagram @thorbjornsson
Instagram @thorbjornsson

The transformation from what he looked like a year ago is absolutely remarkable.

Instagram @thorbjornsson

It also makes sense for what Bjornsson - who grew to fame for playing The Mountain in several seasons of Game of Thrones - is trying to achieve. Clearly carrying all the excess bulk required for when he deadlift 501kg last year would not be of help in the boxing ring.

And Bjornsson needs to be in fighting shape to settle his bad-blood feud with fellow strongman Hall.

The pair are set to fight in September in Las Vegas in a contest billed as 'the heaviest boxing match in history'.

The ill-feeling between the pair began in 2017 when Bjornsson accused the Brit of cheating as Hall won the World's Strongest Man competition.

They've sparred back and forth ever since - particularly when Hall questioned the conditions around Bjornsson breaking his deadlift world record - but now they will trade punches in the ring.

Hall has also lost plenty of bulk in order to prepare for his match-up.

So while The Mountain vs The Beast may not be the slickest example of the sweet science ever seen, both guys will definitely look the part coming into the ring.

All imagery: Instagram @thorbjornsson

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