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WWE Male Superstars Ranked From G.O.A.T To Trash

WWE Male Superstars Ranked From G.O.A.T To Trash

What do you think of the controversial rankings that see The Rock, Undertaker and Shawn Michaels amongst the greatest of all time.

Ryan Sidle

Ryan Sidle

The greatest of all time is an interesting debate no matter the sport but what about sports entertainment? Where do The Rock, Hulk Hogan, Brock Lesnar et al belong on a pyramid on WWE's greatest superstars?

Who would make an all time list of WWE stars? Well we couldn't fit everyone on, that'd be a huge pyramid, and you'll no doubt disagree with a lot of what we've said but give it a chance.

What changes would you make? Image: Tiermaker.
What changes would you make? Image: Tiermaker.

GOAT tier- The Rock, Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold, Ric Flair, Eddie Guerrero, Undertaker, John Cena.

Very good - Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho, Edge, Daniel Bryan, Jeff Hardy, Rey Mysterio, Bret Hart, Triple H, AJ Styles.

Good - Booker T, Kofi Kingston, Matt Hardy, Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Big E, Sheamus, Batista, The Miz, Seth Rollins.

Underrated - Shelton Benjamin, Wade Barrett, Kane, Goldberg, Luke Harper, Christian, Big Show, R-Truth, Cesaro.

Overrated - CM Punk, JBL, Randy Orton.

Trash- Dolph Ziggler, Hulk Hogan, Great Khali, Baron Corbin, Alberto del Rio.

Brock- Brock Lesnar.

Look I can already feel your blood boiling at some of the choices, especially in the trash and overrated sections of the tiers but I'll do my best to explain.

That top list is pretty solid, they might not all be the best technical wrestlers ever but all of them have got something that makes them special.

Some people hate John Cena but there's no doubt that the 'Leader of the Cenation' is one of the best ever, having a decade long run at the top, longer than anyone else ever in the modern eras, and he puts on brilliant matches most of the time.

John Cena's a damn GOAT. Image: WWE
John Cena's a damn GOAT. Image: WWE

Dropping down to 'Very Good' it's difficult to argue with most of the men in there and you could probably only make a play for Bret Hart to be in the GOAT standings.

Unless you want to be really controversial and suggest that Triple H should be in overrated, but you'd be a braver man than me.

There's probably a lot of people in good who could end up in 'underrated' and Roman Reigns might be top of that list, hated for being pushed down people's throats but the man rarely has bad matches.

Wade Barrett should have been the first Englishman to be WWE champion, simple as. Kane's been an ever present for longer than anyone else and done great stuff, the Big Red Machine is still a solid hand.

Luke Harper should still be on television and it's madness that WWE aren't currently using him. R-Truth might be the best part of the company's creative output right now, making the 24/7 title relevant.

Okay overrated, and you've wanted to hear it. CM Punk was excellent, fantastic even, no doubt. But his absence from WWE, and wrestling as a whole, has turned him some sort of graps deity, and it's simply not the case. Overrated doesn't mean your not still very good.

Trash, brother!
Trash, brother!

Dolph Ziggler is trash, full stop. Oh look he's having another feud with The Miz despite barely changing his persona in years, great.

Hulk Hogan isn't trash as a wrestler but he is as a person and I can't see past it, sorry. Alberto del Rio is similar, although he's not that good in the ring either.

Finally Brock Lesnar, it's difficult to place the 'Beast Incarnate' so he needs to go on his own.

Who would you change? Let us know in the comments.

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