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MVP Promises Bobby Lashley "Will See WWE Champion Drew McIntyre Again"

Daniel Marland

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MVP Promises Bobby Lashley "Will See WWE Champion Drew McIntyre Again"

MVP has said wants to lead Hurt Business associate Bobby Lashley to the WWE Championship in a firm warning to Drew McIntyre.


Since then, 'The All Mighty' has managed to capture the United States Championship and Montel Vontavious Porter (MVP) predicts more gold in the future.

Speaking to SPORTbible ahead of a two-night WWE Draft which kicked off on Friday Night SmackDown, MVP explained: "If not for some unfortunate circumstances, Lashley would be the WWE Champion right now.

MVP and Lashley's friendship goes back years. (Image Credit: WWE)
MVP and Lashley's friendship goes back years. (Image Credit: WWE)

"That title is made for Lashley, it's supposed to be around his waist. For the time being, we'll sit tight with the US Championship as we make moves to acquire more gold for my business associates.

"But Drew is not safe. When you are the WWE Champion, you have an X right on your forehead. Make no bones about it, we're not done with Drew. Lashley will see him again."

The Hurt Business (MVP, Lashley, Shelton Benjamin & Cedric Alexander) have run roughshod on Monday Night Raw over the last six months and were the fifth draft pick overall on Friday.

It's a position the now 46-year-old MVP didn't expect to find himself in, considering his return as a surprise entrant in the Royal Rumble earlier this year was a one-time gig.

 Cedric Alexander, Shelton Benjamin, MVP & Bobby Lashley. (Image Credit: WWE)
Cedric Alexander, Shelton Benjamin, MVP & Bobby Lashley. (Image Credit: WWE)

"At the time, my intentions were only to come back for the Royal Rumble so my son, who is now a massive wrestling fan, could see daddy perform. It was a surprise for him and I had his mother and sister bring him out.

"When I contacted WWE and asked about coming back as a surprise entry, I was blown away by how happy they were to have me. They got floor seats for my little boy so he could have a great experience, and he got to meet Rey Mysterio."

Paul Heyman, who was executive director of Raw at the time, then arranged for MVP to take on close friend Mysterio on Raw after the Royal Rumble.

"Paul Heyman, who was in charge at the time, arranged for me to face Rey Mysterio, my son's favourite wrestler!

MVP didn't expect his one-time gig to end up this way. (Image Credit: WWE)
MVP didn't expect his one-time gig to end up this way. (Image Credit: WWE)

"I had only done it for him and I figured 'Ok great I'm gonna retire this year,' then I was offered a position to work as a producer.

"Then COVID hit and next thing I know, my responsibilities in front of the camera begun to outweigh my responsibilities behind the camera and here I am, spokesperson of The Hurt Business!"

Alongside MVP and Lashley in The Hurt Business are three-time Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin and former Cruiserweight Champion Cedric Alexander.

Alexander joined the group last month and when asked about his addition, MVP revealed: "Bobby and I had discussed bringing in Cedric, before we even brought in Shelton.

"We wanted a couple of younger guys, we talked about it and we asked. We were given a choice and one of those was Cedric. We felt we could give Cedric that extra edge he needs.

"He's extremely talented, he just needs somebody to help him turn up that mean factor.

"I think Bobby and I are the ones to do it then adding Shelton to the mix, my plan is to see Shelton and Cedric compete for the tag titles in the near future.

"My goal is to see everyone in The Hurt Business as a decorated champion."

One group who look to stop The Hurt Business in their tracks is RETRIBUTION, with Mustafa Ali announcing himself as the leader last week.

Image Credit: PA
Image Credit: PA

While both groups existed at the same time for a number of weeks, MVP said that something needed to be done after RETRIBUTION "got in their business."

"A lot of people were asking why we weren't getting involved with the RETRIBUTION situation early on and the answer is because it didn't concern us," he admitted.

"Strategically, I knew what I was doing when I told Adam Pearce we could take care of RETRIBUTION. Us doing that wasn't any moral sense of defending Raw from these intruders, it was self-serving.

"As far as Ali, I respect what he did. I thought that was very impressive, brilliant tactician.

Image Credit: WWE
Image Credit: WWE

"But now he's crossed the line and he's got in our business, so we'll have to tend to our business with them before we move on."

While MVP hasn't had the chance to tour during his second stint with WWE amid the current pandemic, he expressed his excitement at getting to return to the UK hopefully as soon as possible.

"Man I am an Anglophile's Anglophile! Red Dwarf, Alan Partridge, I grew up watching all these shows as a kid and all these years later, I got to travel to the UK and make friends.

"I love the pub culture, garage music, grime music, when I'm in the UK I feel at home.

"So to answer your question about travelling, it's one of the first places I want to go.

Image Credit: PA
Image Credit: PA

"It's well known I'm a Manchester United fan and I'd take a trip over a couple times a year to hang out with friends in London, then take the train to watch matches at Old Trafford.

"I love how vocal UK wrestling fans are. I'm imagining everyone has been cooped up for sometime now and once we're allowed to do live shows again, the WWE Universe will fill up arenas around the world and the sound will be deafening in places like the UK.

"The singing, the cheering, the bantering from the crowd I think it comes from football and that makes the UK one of my favourite places to wrestle.

"I cannot wait to bring The Hurt Business to the UK."

Featured Image Credit: WWE

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Daniel Marland
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