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Bobby Lashley Explains What Will Happen If He's Allowed To 'Take The Gloves Off' Against Drew McIntyre

Bobby Lashley Explains What Will Happen If He's Allowed To 'Take The Gloves Off' Against Drew McIntyre

Lashley will face McIntyre for the WWE Championship at Backlash...

Daniel Marland

Daniel Marland

Bobby Lashley brutally stated that he would be able to 'smash' WWE Champion Drew McIntyre in two minutes if WWE 'let him take the gloves off'.

Lashley will challenge McIntyre for the WWE Championship at the Backlash pay-per-view on June 14.

When asked on a conference how he saw the 'Scottish Psychopath' leading into the match, Lashley flipped the question back to the reporter.

He stated: "First of all, I think Drew McIntyre is going to be regarded as one of the best WWE Champions in history let me tell you that right now.

"But I've got a question for you. If I went in that ring at Backlash, double-legged Drew down to the ground and beat him till he couldn't do anything but get away, would that surprise you?

"This is what I'm trying to tell you and everybody else, it would not surprise you.

"What I'm trying to say is is that that if we took the gloves off in WWE and let everyone start swinging away and if I smashed all these guys, would it surprise you?

Lashley attacks McIntyre after the Scotsman defeated MVP on Monday's Raw. (Image

"No, it would not and that's what people need to understand at Backlash, it's the same damn way."

'The All Mighty' and McIntyre crossed paths in IMPACT Wrestling back in 2016 and spent time as a team with Baron Corbin last year.

Both men are in their second spells with the company and Lashley admitted their careers have followed similar paths.

"I think he [McIntyre] and I have followed the same path a little bit when it comes to that.

"The cool thing is last year Drew and I ran as a tag team, for a long time with [Baron] Corbin. I remember one thing that was always said about that tag team is 'man put those two together and they're vicious.'

McIntyre and Lashley were a team in the early months of 2019, alongside King Corbin. (Image

"Drew brings out something in me and I bring out something in him that not everyone can bring out and it turns rough, it turns into a fight.

"I think that time away gave us an opportunity to find ourselves more, time in IMPACT and indie promotions that we both worked, we had a chance to explore."

"It kinda made us appreciate it so right now, that match is big because he talks about how the locker room has changed and how he wants to show people they need to appreciate being there.

"Well I'm in the same boat but different at the same time, because I was here for a long time but I wasn't the 'Chosen One' I was never the 'Chosen One', I had to scratch and claw to get here."

Lashley has recently gained MVP as an advocate. (Image

McIntyre first made his debut on WWE TV in 2009 and he was dubbed the 'Chosen One' by Vince McMahon himself.

Lashley then goes on to say that the pair will butt heads as one man was 'granted' a position while one had to 'work their ass off'.

"I think the history that we have is gonna be butting heads because we've rolled in the same path but one person was already granted a position, while the other person had to work his ass to get there.

"We have a lot leading up to this match."

Lashley is also a former MMA fighter and told SPORTbible his feelings on the current saga involving UFC president Dana White and one of the top stars in the promotion, Jon Jones.

Bobby Lashley faces Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship at Backlash on Sunday, 14 June at 1am on the WWE Network.

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