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WWE 24/7 Champion R-Truth Sits Down For A Round Of Locker Room Talk

Daniel Marland

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WWE 24/7 Champion R-Truth Sits Down For A Round Of Locker Room Talk

Current WWE 24/7 Champion R-Truth is one of the most experienced names in the company right now.


With 15 years experience in Vince McMahon's empire across two separate stints, Truth has been a United States Champion, WWE Tag Team Champion and Hardcore Champion as well as a 39 time 24/7 Champion.

That means he has some stories to tell, surely?


Truth, real name Ron Killings, sat down with SPORTbible for 'Locker Room Talk,' a deep dive into your favourite WWE superstars and he revealed things you'll never have guessed.

Image Credit: WWE
Image Credit: WWE

SPORTbible: Who would you want watching your back the most?

R-Truth: Brock Lesnar!* I don't gotta worry about my back no more.


SPORTbible: Best entrance music in the WWE?

R-Truth: That's a good question. I'm gonna go with the Street Profits, the energy is there.

SPORTbible: Best singer?

R-Truth: Naomi. Yeah, Naomi can sing. She's got some pipes, she can go. Naomi and I have even talked about doing a song together. She records music and in the future, you could be getting something from me and her.


SPORTbible: Most likely to miss a flight?

R-Truth: Oh man there's a good list right there. Bo Dallas. He's not forgetful, he just don't remember that much!

SPORTbible: Biggest prankster?

R-Truth: Randy Orton. Yeah, I probably can't say on air but Randy is 'The Viper' so if he's gonna pull a prank, he's gonna pull a prank!

Image Credit: WWE
Image Credit: WWE

SPORTbible: Most intelligent?

R-Truth: Daniel Bryan. If he wasn't a wrestler, he could be a professor. Daniel Bryan is very, very smart. When we're on tours, you have me there listening to Bryan tell me about the book he just read, what archaeologists do, why the world is the way it is. Professor Daniel Bryan, that's what he should be. [SPORTbible: That should be his new gimmick.] I'm gonna tell him that!

SPORTbible: Biggest eater?


R-Truth: I would say Otis but I'm gonna go with Titus O'Neil. Most people stop eating when they get full, Titus stops eating when he gets tired. He can eat everything on the menu, say thank you and then come again!

SPORTbible: Strongest in an arm wrestle?

R:Truth: Bobby Lashley. Yeah Bobby is the man and he's nothing to play with. Sometimes I'll come out of nowhere to grab him and it doesn't go the way I imagined it [laughs].

SPORTbible: Most likely to watch their matches back?

R-Truth: The Miz. [SPORTbible: Have you caught him doing that before?] Oh plenty of times! Or staring at himself in the mirror, putting his coat on, putting the shades on, making sure his hair is done. Oh man now [John] Morrison is back, those two are a mess!

SPORTbible: Best driver?

R-Truth: Other than myself? They can't drive, I don't road with a lot of people! I don't know if they got their license from Wal-Mart or something... I've gotta dig deep for this one. William Regal [NXT General Manager.] I rode with Regal years ago and he wouldn't let me drive because he wanted to. It was good to be a passenger. I'd ask if he wanted to swap over and he'd say 'No, no, get some sleep, I'm fine.'

SPORTbible: Who has the strangest talent?

R-Truth: Bayley can juggle. I'm not talking about one or two things, you can give her three or four pieces of an item and actually juggle!

Image Credit: WWE
Image Credit: WWE

SPORTbible: Who would have the strangest job outside of wrestling?

R-Truth: Hmm. Little Jimmy. We don't know what he does. But he comes back with money, you know what I'm saying. I don't know what he's doing, I don't wanna put anything in people's mouths or ears.

SPORTbible: Best tattoo?

R-Truth: Roman Reigns. He's got his back done as well as his arm. It is so detailed you've gotta go up close to see, his tattoos are very detailed.

SPORTbible: Who do you enjoy working with most?

R-Truth: Man, I love working with everybody. I loved working with Carmella, I thought we had some magic. I love working with The Miz, again we had magic. Me and John Morrison had some magic, me and Kofi Kingston had some magic. I love working with any and everybody, it is hard to pick one. [SPORTbible: You've picked a strong group there.] Yeah, right!

*Brock Lesnar was still signed with WWE at the time of recording.

Featured Image Credit: WWE

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Daniel Marland
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