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NXT UK Star Walter 'Definitely' Wants Big Show In A Mega WWE Clash

NXT UK Star Walter 'Definitely' Wants Big Show In A Mega WWE Clash

“Yeah, maybe Big Show [has the best chop in the buisness]. He's twice my size, but I think it's me [laughs],” says NXT UK star Walter.

Adnan Riaz

Adnan Riaz

WWE United Kingdom champ Walter has welcomed the idea of trading chops with the Big Show in an epic clash of the titans.

Big Show, real name Paul Wight, has become a part-time member of the WWE roster in recent years.

And much like Walter, the 47-year-old WWE superstar is known for his ability to pull off some ruthless chops on his opponents.

When SPORTbible asked Walter in an exclusive interview who does the hardest chop in history, he responded: "Yeah. Me, of course.

"[Kenta] Kobashi always did too many of his, Ric Flair's are definitely not effective and they're more for a crowd reaction.

"Yeah, maybe Big Show. He's twice my size, but I think it's me [laughs]."

When we asked the 32-year-old Austrian star if he would want a match with Big Show, he responded: "Oh, for sure. Yeah, definitely."


Along with the 'World's Largest Athlete,' Walter has said that he wants a blockbuster clash with WWE star Cesaro in NXT UK.

The UK champ has become synonymous for his thunderous chopping ability and he revealed how he ended up adopting it into his arsenal of moves.

He explained: "I like to think of what I do in the ring [is] what is most efficient and what makes [the] most sense for me, and I've got big limbs so I thought I'd use them. So that's the simple answer to that [laughs]."

According to the 'Ring General,' the chop noises and marks he leaves on his opponents aren't intentionally done to provoke a reaction from the crowd.


He said: "I've not got that much interest in people being like, 'Oh my God, that chop was so loud and look at the mark on his skin.' That's part of what we do.

"It's like a physical thing we do here, so things leave marks because we hit each other. And I don't chop people for my amusement.

"For the amusement of seeing people [react to it either] -- that's an effect of it, so I don't pay too much attention to that."

Walter successfully defended his UK championship against Tyler Bate at NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff last Saturday.

Should Big Show have a match with Walter?

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