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IShowSpeed wants to host never-before-seen wrestling event after WWE debut at WrestleMania 40

IShowSpeed wants to host never-before-seen wrestling event after WWE debut at WrestleMania 40

Streamer IShowSpeed was RKO'd by Randy Orton at WrestleMania 40 and has plans for his own wrestling event.

Streamer IShowSpeed wants to put on a never-seen before wrestling event after making his WWE debut at WrestleMania 40.

The Cristiano Ronaldo superfan was revealed to be in a life-size Prime bottle which accompanied United States champion Logan Paul to the ring.

Speed interfered in the match to save Paul from Randy Orton's punt kick but ended up facing serious consequences.

He was booted by Orton, who then proceeded to hit his deadly RKO finisher on the announce table.

Speed's appearance followed on from KSI falling victim to the same maneuver from Orton on an episode of Smackdown.

The 19-year-old, who has 16 million followers on Instagram, helped create a viral moment at the biggest WrestleMania of all-time.

Speed wants to remain involved in WWE and has an idea to put on an event featuring the biggest content creators.

Speaking on a recent stream, he said: "[How about an] event of content creators, a WWE event? I was thinking about that when I was at the WWE.

"What if I set up a wrestling.. a WWE event but with content creators? Let me know if that's a W [win] or an L [loss.]"

If the concept does come to fruition, anyone involved would need to undergo some serious training.

Internet sensation Paul can attest to the work required and is now reaping the rewards as one of WWE's top superstars.

It's never been done before under the WWE umbrella but has been prominent in the world of boxing.

After sacrificing himself for Paul's victory last week, Speed was gifted a £66,000 Tesla truck by the Maverick and could not contain his excitement.

After seeing the vehicle, he screamed: "You got to f***ing stop this bro! You've got to be lying bro. No way you gave me this! No way this dude gave me this Starship!"

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