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WWE superstar Austin Theory involved in heated argument with TV host about wrestling being fake

WWE superstar Austin Theory involved in heated argument with TV host about wrestling being fake

WWE is in Perth ahead of this weekend's Elimination Chamber event.

WWE superstar Austin Theory had to be dragged away from an Australian newsroom by security after he took offence at wrestling being called “fake”.

The 26-year-old, who performs on the SmackDown brand, visited The West Australian's offices this week ahead of Saturday’s Elimination Chamber event at Optus Stadium.

Theory was scheduled to take part in a video interview with the sports department.

But things turned ugly when the American got into a heated argument with Anthony De Ceglie, the outlet's editor in chief.

According to the publication, Theory reacted badly to wrestling being called “fake” and not as “hard” as Australian Rules football or Rugby League.

In fact, WWE security Barrie Knight stepped in as Theory and De Ceglie exchanged words.

One staff member said it looked like a genuine fight was going to break out.

“I was seriously worried about what was going to happen,” they said. “Thankfully security stepped in. Anthony was genuinely worried.”

As you can see from the footage above, Theory was far from pleased with the editor's claims.

“You brought me here and you’re going to talk to me like this?” he said.

“Just cause you’re in charge of some s… doesn’t mean you can talk to me like this.

“You’re saying what I do is easy and you’re in front of all of your people talking about my job is easy … you couldn’t walk a damn day in my shoes."

Theory added: “Are you kidding me man? I will smack the s… outta you right now.

“I’m not playing around. Y’all bring me all the way out here for some media and this guy is talking his f….. head off. What’s his problem?”

It must be noted that photographers had a front seat view of the so-called unscripted altercation, so the outburst may well have been a work.

Featured Image Credit: x/@EliteClubS0B

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