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Triple H gives 'honest assessment' on The Rock's performance following sensational WrestleMania return

Triple H gives 'honest assessment' on The Rock's performance following sensational WrestleMania return

Triple H has praised The Rock following his strong performance at WrestleMania 40.

Triple H has given an 'honest assessment' of The Rock's performance at WrestleMania 40 on Saturday.

The Rock, who is more commonly known as Dwayne Johnson, hasn't wrestled on a full-time basis since his initial exit from the ring in 2003, while his last involvement in a proper match came almost 11 years ago.

However, on Saturday night, The Rock returned to the ring in the main event with Roman Reigns to face Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins.

The clash spanned a total of 45-minutes before The Rock pinned Rhodes to get the win - ensuring 'Bloodline Rules' for the clash between Reigns and Rhodes for the WWE Undisputed Universal title.

Despite his strong performance, not everyone was certain that the 51-year-old would be able to reach his former levels of performance in the WWE - after injury forced him out of the sport back in 2003.

Speaking after the match, The Rock's former rival Triple H analysed his performance, where he was full of praise for the legendary wrestler.

"It wouldn't be the physical part," Triple H said when asked about The Rock's performance.

"I think he loves this and he is going to throw caution to the wind and go all out and it is going to be amazing.

"When you have done this for a long time and you are around it every day you see composure in people that I can spot it in people now, it is my job to some degree.

The Rock has revealed he is a Liverpool fan. (Image

"I can spot it and tell you who is comfortable and not, who doesn't it feel it, who is just doing things.

"The most impressive thing to me was his composure, being in the moment and his feel. I could see him feeling everything that was happening and his composure.

"An adrenaline hits you. It moves fast and you move with it, you think you're not but you are. He was calm.

"To be gone that long and be that calm and composed and in control and that feel, there are not many people that can do that, that is the part that escapes you.

"You still know the traction you might get but the composure is the magic. That is awe inspiring."

Triple H, who is now WWE's chief of content, went on to add: "I want to say thanks to him. He doesn't need to be here. "The thing that has bonded us is our passion for this. No matter the other things going on, we both understand that deep inside his DNA this is what he loves, and the same for me.

"We have had a blast in this journey creating The Final Boss. If you'd have told me he'd have gone down the road of turning heel I'd have said you were insane. But it was right."

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