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Triple H was visibly taken aback by Paul Heyman's incredible speech during WWE Hall of Fame ceremony

Triple H was visibly taken aback by Paul Heyman's incredible speech during WWE Hall of Fame ceremony

Paul Heyman was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame on Friday night.

Paul Heyman paid tribute to WWE chief content officer and head of creative Paul 'Triple H' Levesque in an incredible speech after he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Heyman, who is the advocate for current Undisputed WWE Universal champion Roman Reigns, joined Bull Nakano, Thunderbolt Patterson and Lia Maivia in the Hall of Fame class of 2024.

The enigmatic 58-year-old stepped up to say a few words at the ceremony in Philadelphia and, in typical fashion, he produced a masterclass in self promotion and 'selling'.

In fact, some are calling it the greatest speech in Hall of Fame history.

As well as paying homage to the history of ECW – a promotion that thrived from his creative juices – Heyman took the time to praise Triple H's leadership in what has been an uncertain time.

As you can see from the clip above, Heyman meant every word.

"The way that this man has assumed the pencil of this company and has led us to a creative freedom backstage where more superstars are emerging into the main event in front of your very eyes," he said.

"The manner in which he leads us... for prosperity into that camera, for the rest of my life, I will be a Paul Levesque guy!"

The crowd inside the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia erupted into applause after Heyman's speech about Triple H, who looked taken aback by the immense support.

In fact, Levesque got to his feet and shook Heyman's hand.

Image credit: WWE
Image credit: WWE

Ahead of the ceremony, Heyman praised Triple H’s approach to his role in the WWE.

“For a long time, and this is something that Paul Levesque has truly addressed as the head of creative in WWE,” Heyman told NBC Sports Philadelphia.

“For a long time, so many in this industry wanted the performers to conform to their vision instead of creative people looking at the performers and saying, ‘I can tap into that.’

"If you were right handed and I’m envisioning your character as a leftie, then the way the business has been run for a while, I’d be sending you to the gym going, ‘You gotta work on your left hand,’ instead of, ‘I can make this guy the best right hander in the business’ because that’s what you are, a right hander.”

Heyman added: "Everyone in this business was trying to make characters and personas and people conformed to their vision instead of their vision being about what greatness the people themselves offered.”

Featured Image Credit: WWE

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