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The Rock makes WWE fan once-in-a-lifetime offer after seeing tattoo ahead of WrestleMania

The Rock makes WWE fan once-in-a-lifetime offer after seeing tattoo ahead of WrestleMania

What a gesture from the WWE Superstar.

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson has kept his promise to a super fan who got a tattoo of the WWE Superstar after meeting him ahead of this weekend's Wrestlemania.

The Rock will make his return to WWE competition after eight years when he teams up with Roman Reigns to take on Cody Rhodes on the first night of the event next weekend.

The Hollywood star has been heavily involved in the event's buildup, which will also feature Reigns defending his Undisputed Universal Championship against Rhodes on the second night in Philadelphia.

Johnson was appointed to the TKO board in January and has been making regular appearances on weekly television shows ever since, sparking speculation over a potential return.

Ahead of his highly anticipated return, the Fast and the Furious star bumped into a fan while shopping at Target, and their exchange went viral.

Following their shock encounter, the fan got the wrestler to sign their arm in order to get it tattooed, and the Rock made a once-in-a-lifetime promise to the fan if they kept their word.

Speaking on X, the fan wrote: "Saw @TheRock at Target last Friday! Childhood hero of mine! I’ll cherish this moment for the rest of my life & I got to experience it w/my daughter. I told Rock that if he signed my arm, I would get it tatted & I’m a man of my word. Hook us up w/Wrestlemania Tickets."

It didn't take long for Johnson to respond, and make the fan's dreams come true.

The 51-year-old has promised to take the fan and his daughter to this weekend's Wrestlemania, with all expenses paid.

The Rock replied on X: "Dude holy shit you did it!! That’s the authentic real deal signature & bull right there! Looks amazing! You’re a man of your word, and so is the Final Boss… Pack your bags - because you and your daughter are coming to

@wwe #WrestleMania.Your tickets, flight, hotel, transportation, and food - are all on me! My team will be reaching out. See you in Philly brother."

The Rock again demonstrates why he is one of the most universally loved celebrities. What a gesture.

Featured Image Credit: @RubenRod24 via X

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