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John Cena has baffled people with his Luke Littler post on social media

John Cena has baffled people with his Luke Littler post on social media

WWE Superstar John Cena has shown his support for Luke Littler with Instagram post.

Fans are baffled after John Cena appears to be a huge Luke Littler fan after a cryptic social media post.

Littler took the country by storm during his historic run to the PDC World Championship final last week.

The 16-year-old would have become the youngest world champion in history if he had defeated Luke Humphries and was five years younger than the previous youngest finalist.

The 16-year-old made a staggering £200,000 from the tournament after beating Christian Kist, Andrew Gilding, Matt Campbell, Raymond van Barneveld, Brendan Dolan and Rob Cross.

The Runcorn-born sensation has gained over one million followers on Instagram, more than any of his fellow competitors despite entering 2024 without a tour card.

Despite Littler's sudden rise to fame, the main audience for darts is based in the UK making recognition from John Cena slightly unprecedented for the teenager.

Cena's post comes after footage of Littler imitating the WWE Superstar aged ten went viral, with the darting sensation performing the iconic 'You can't see me' move.

The wrestler-turned-actor took to Instagram to post a picture of Littler celebrating during the World Championships, but chose not to include a caption.

Cena is notorious for his ambiguous persona on social media, with almost all of his posts on Instagram being seemingly random memes and photographs without much context.

John Cena's instagram post- @johncena on instagram
John Cena's instagram post- @johncena on instagram

Fans have taken to social media to react to the unlikely crossover.

One fan wrote: "John Cena and Luke Littler, what a strange crossover episode that is."

Another added: "Why has John Cena posted Luke Littler then?"

A third fan replied: "He will be absolutely buzzing with this!"

'The Nuke' has since responded to Cena's post

by sharing it on his Instagram story.

Featured Image Credit: Getty

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