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Pat McAfee reveals WWE drug tests their superstars often despite people's 'conspiracy theories'

Pat McAfee reveals WWE drug tests their superstars often despite people's 'conspiracy theories'

The WWE commentator has wrestled a few times for the company and has been drug-tested by the company in the process.

WWE commentator and part-time wrestler Pat McAfee has revealed some insight into how often superstars get drug-tested, dispelling any ‘conspiracy theories’.

The former NFL player has become a regular on WWE television, and even though he’s only wrestled once or twice McAfee has divulged that he still gets drug tested regularly despite not being a full-time competitor. 

The SmackDown commentator appeared on The Dan Patrick Show to chat about all things WWE when the company’s drug-testing policy came up.

He said: “They drug test rather often at the WWE. Yes, they actually do now. There are always going to be people that talk about some people maybe aren't getting tested. There's always conspiracy theories about everything, but I've been tested and given my blood to the WWE numerous times.”

He added: “There was a lot of things that happen whenever you start injecting your body with stuff. And people who were already maybe high energy or very emotional, and then there was some stuff that has happened through the evolution of human and the evolution of WWE where they have had to put in different rules."

Whilst WWE may have been known as the land of the giants back in the 80s and the 90s the company has seriously stepped up their wellness policy.

The policy was implemented back in 2006 and banned performance-enhancing drugs such as steroids, overuse of prescription drugs, and even minor drugs such as marijuana.

However, they have relaxed a little on their weed stance and no longer fine their superstars if they test positive for having smoked marijuana, according to Fightful.

Since the advent of the wellness policy, superstars such as Roman Reigns, Randy Orton, and Rey Mysterio have all failed for various reasons.

Back in 2016, WWE mainstay and beast Brock Lesnar tested positive for steroid use, however, not in the WWE.

The former WWE champion was caught taking steroids by USADA ahead of his UFC fight against Mark Hunt. 

However, across the board WWE wrestlers have been engaging in less destructive behaviour, learning from the veteran's mistakes.

Wrestlers are also on the road a lot less with fewer shows per week, compared to working almost every night for a long period of time there.

As for Pat, he’s enjoying being part of the WWE as a commentator but has also impressed in bouts at Wrestlemania and SummerSlam. 

So expect him in the ring again in the future, meaning he’ll become well-acquainted with the WWE’s drug-testing system.

Featured Image Credit: Wrestlemania 38. WWE Network.

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