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Frustrated fan called out John Cena for giving someone a free autograph

Frustrated fan called out John Cena for giving someone a free autograph

John Cena was present at the UK Comic Con in Wales.

An angry fan confronted John Cena after he gave someone a free autograph during the UK Comic Con held in Wales. 

The wrestler turned actor was on stage in Newport doing a Q&A, and a fan asked him if he could sign his wrestling belt, Cena obliged and responded with: “Can’t say no to that, come on down.” 

As Cena was signing the fan’s belt, another fan, Tom, shouted: “Why do we have to pay?”, the actor then took to the mic and asked the fan to come down. You can watch the whole exchange here.

When on stage, the fan stated: “He just got to go up, and I had to do work to pay to see you.” 

Cena then responded: “Not wrong, not wrong, but what was your question?” 

Tom then reiterated his point by asking: “Why did we have to pay?” 

The Fast and Furious star then explained to the rest of the crowd: “Tom by the way brings up a great point. Because these are meant to be wonderful conventions but there is a lot of stress involved.” 

Tom then took out his phone and sneakily took a picture of him and Cena whilst the actor was speaking to the crowd. 

To which Cena said: “Hold on, hold on, let’s get a good photo, let me take the photo.” 

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After taking the photo, Cena joked: “That will be $85.” 

Cena then explained the situation that led to Tom’s query. 

He said: “Allow me to walk you through this, first of all, a young man showed a moment of courage and vulnerability by asking for help. And I wanted to be special and give him help. 

“Now I can’t help everyone, but in that one moment he asked and I gave him help.

“Second, you didn’t have to pay and this is where I’m super grateful for you, you chose to pay. Just like all of you(referring to rest of the crowd).

“I know what you had to do to be here today, and you chose, just like everybody else to take the money you earned from work to be here today. Which allowed me to be here today, to make moments like this.

“I hope the picture helps change your perspective and I just wanna say I’m grateful for the fact that you chose to be here.” 

The pair then shared a hand shake before Tom walked off the stage. Cena then continued by answering a question from another fan. A situation that was very well handled by the 45-year-old.

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