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Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson's doppelgänger got 50 tattoos to match the WWE legend

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson's doppelgänger got 50 tattoos to match the WWE legend

The personal trainer from Milan says he is constantly stopped in the street by strangers seeking photographs.

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson has probably got hundreds of lookalikes out there.

But we can bet none of them have gone to the extreme lengths this bloke has to ensure his doppelgänger status.

Antonio Muratore

Antonio Muratore, who is a personal trainer from Milan, is a dead ringer of arguably one of the most famous people on the planet.

That's right, he could easily be mistaken for WWE legend-turned-actor 'The Rock' if you saw him walking down the street.

But simply looking like Dwayne Johnson wasn't enough for Antonio, who was determined to actually be his idol.

Incredibly, the 54-year-old decided to go one step further by getting 50 of the same tattoos Johnson has so that he could match the Hollywood megastar's look and hopefully land a gig as his stunt double.

"When I am on the beach and people see my tattoos, everyone stops me and wants a picture," Antonio said.

"Or when I am wearing my sunglasses. It happens continuously. I get treated like a celebrity all the way through summer."

He added: "I stand and pose for pictures all the time, I'm always happy to stop and take a picture.

"Sometimes even when they find out I'm not really him, they want a picture anyway and that's fine by me."

The doppelgänger admits his life has well and truly changed with strangers constantly stopping him to take photographs

"It's an incredible situation to look like him. In general I'm quite a private person and I don't like a lot of attention - but I never tire of this because it makes people happy. I would do anything to meet him one day," Antonio said.

"It was about ten years ago when a friend first told me I looked like the Rock.

"Over the years people started to stop and ask me for pictures wherever I would go. It's been at a hotel, in restaurants, on the beach - it happens continuously.

"Once someone followed me down the road for 15 minutes. That was a bit stressful. But normally I'm always happy to take a picture.

"I feel very lucky to look like him because he is a great person, a champion in sport and in life."

Antonio Muratore

Antonio opened up on the time he once went to watch a movie starring 'The Rock' and was mobbed by fans in the cinema.

"At the end of the movie everyone went out and just a few kids left," he said.

"When the light went on the kids saw me and started to scream, 'The Rock! The Rock!'.

"Everyone ran back into the cinema for a picture. It was a crazy situation."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@therocksbrother/@therock

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