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WWE Fans Left Shocked After Cody Rhodes Wrestles With Torn Pec, The Bruising Was Horrific

WWE Fans Left Shocked After Cody Rhodes Wrestles With Torn Pec, The Bruising Was Horrific

The newly returned WWE star fought through a horrific injury to claim victory over Seth Rollins at Hell In A Cell.

WWE fans have been left stunned after Cody Rhodes wrestled with a horrifically bruised torn pec, suffered before the Hell In A Cell event.

WWE released a statement before the event got underway revealing that ‘The American Nightmare’ had suffered a partially torn pectoral muscle earlier that week. 

The statement claimed that while Rhodes was weight training the pectoral tendon had torn completely off the bone - leaving fans questioning whether Rhodes would compete in his scheduled match against Seth Rollins.

However, WWE’s statement maintained that Rhodes wanted to compete, and compete he did, putting on an absolute classic against Rollins inside Hell In A Cell.

Before stepping out for the matchup, Rhodes tweeted: “For the love of the game.”

As Rhodes made his way down to the ring wearing a robe, fans were on the edge of their seats anticipating the extent of Rhodes’ injury.

There were audible gasps as the newly returned WWE star took off his robe to reveal the full length of the bruising on his torn pec.

Bright purple and red, and swelling almost double the size of his left pec, the sight was enough to make anyone feel ill.

In true gutsy fashion, Rhodes put on a performance for the ages, hitting his finishing move twice on Rollins before hitting his opponent with a sledgehammer to capture a historic win.

Following the match, Rhodes spoke to the crowd saying: “You guys paid your money to see me, I wasn’t missing my return to Chicago at the Allstate Arena.

“We will get through this and I’ll update you all tomorrow.”

What an absolute legend.

The wrestling world reacted with a mixed response, with many praising Rhodes for his determination, and others labelling it ‘uncomfortable’. 

Wrestling journalist, Dave Meltzer called it ‘among the most compelling matches in pro wrestling history.’

Fellow journalist, Ryan Satin tweeted: “As crazy or dangerous as that may have been, you can’t help but respect the hell out of Cody Rhodes for risking it all to put on an epic match for the fans who paid to see him perform. What a moment!”

Another fan tweeted: “This match was great but was uncomfortable to watch with Cody Rhodes' worrying blood clots.

“I worry when wrestlers push it too far. Modern times have promoted unhealthy competitions for brand supremacy, and plenty of wrestlers are doing things without second-guessing themselves.”

Meanwhile, the host of WWE’s talk show The Bump, Matt Camp said: “I don’t know if Cody Rhodes will ever be the same after that, but I know he wouldn’t want it any other way.

“An all-time performance to close out Hell In A Cell.

“The stuff legends are made of.”

Featured Image Credit: WWE Network.

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