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76-Year-Old Vince McMahon Just Had A Match At WrestleMania And Took A Stunner From Steve Austin

76-Year-Old Vince McMahon Just Had A Match At WrestleMania And Took A Stunner From Steve Austin

What on earth did we just see?

WWE chairman Vince McMahon has just wrestled a match at WrestleMania at 76-years-old - he was absolutely shredded.

McMahon was ringside for commentator and former NFL punter Pat McAfee's match against protege Austin Theory.

After McAfee picked up the win, he goaded McMahon at ringside and asked him to step into the ring.

'The Genetic Jackhammer' ripped his jacket off and preceded to face off with McAfee for his first match in a decade.

Last time McMahon was in the ring was against CM Punk in 2012.

After picking up the win thanks to help from Theory, the duo embraced in the ring and as fans inside the American Airlines Center booed.

All of a sudden, that iconic glass shattered and 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin made a shock appearance.

Austin and stormed down to the ring to confront his longtime rival.

He hit Theory with a Stunner before asking McMahon if he wanted a beer. It's obvious where this is going.

'The Texas Rattlesnake' hit McMahon with an awkward Stunner after sharing a beer and it was straight out of the Attitude Era.

McAfee then shared a beer with Austin before receiving a Stunner of his own moments later. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Fans have reacted to the segment and they can't believe McMahon took the Stunner once again.

One commented: "That could go down as the worst Stunner ever lol but I don't care."

Another said: "I'm still crying at how Vince sold that Stunner."

A third put: "Ok this is all just tremendous."

Someone else tweeted: "Stone Cold and Vince are the gift that keeps on giving."

Austin had his first match in 19 years on Saturday evening, when he defeated Kevin Owens in a No Holds Barred match.

Owens goaded Austin by calling the great state of Texas and he'd heard enough.

The former world champion stomped one last mudhole and ended his career with a victory in Dallas, the same place he started all the way back in 1989.

Featured Image Credit: WWE

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