Jon Jones' Heavyweight Prediction In 2012 Re-Emerges After Talks Of UFC Super-Fight With Francis Ngannou

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Jon Jones' Heavyweight Prediction In 2012 Re-Emerges After Talks Of UFC Super-Fight With Francis Ngannou

Jon Jones' heavyweight prediction back in 2012 makes for interesting reading following talks of a UFC super-fight with Francis Ngannou.


A monstrous clash between Jones and Ngannou has been mooted following their back and forth exchanges on social media.


Jones, 32, has been flirting with a move to heavyweight for some time now after dominating UFC's storied 205lb division.

And in 2012, he was quoted as saying he'd "definitely" move up to heavyweight "around 2013."

"I'll definitely move up to heavyweight," Jones explained. "But it'll probably be around 2013. Maybe at the end of 2013.


"Right now, I have a nutritionist and I'm starting to take the career a lot more seriously than I used to, so my weight cuts are getting a lot easier.

"I walk around a lot thinner naturally. Right now, I'm at, like, 225 (pounds). That's a 20-pound cut. That's really easy. So, I might look bigger than most people when I'm fighting, but I'm really not."

Eight years on from his heavyweight claim, Jones has still not had a fight in the UFC heavyweight division.


While White isn't convinced that Jones wants to fight Ngannou, Daniel Cormier praised the UFC light-heavyweight king.

"First off, I am quick to insult Jones. I will insult Jones on any day of the week. But I will also give him credit where credit is due. I believe this Francis Ngannou thing is one of the most gangster things in the world!" He told Ariel Helwani.

"I don't get when people say me or Jon Jones that we are afraid of someone. It is the most insane thing in the world! We are not afraid of anything. I think this Jones thing is cool. He's like, 'Okay, you want to fight" Let's do it!'. That is what any... [true fighter] would do. Hats off to Jones!"

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