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Jake Paul reacts to Francis Ngannou/Jon Jones Twitter war, proposes blockbuster idea with the UFC

Jake Paul reacts to Francis Ngannou/Jon Jones Twitter war, proposes blockbuster idea with the UFC

Jake Paul suggested a huge idea on social media.

Jake Paul has reacted to the Twitter war between Francis Ngannou and Jon Jones by proposing a blockbuster idea with the UFC.

Ngannou has joined the Professional Fighters League (PFL) following his UFC departure, signing a lucrative deal.

His move to the PFL didn't go down well with the current UFC heavyweight champion as he mocked his switch on social media.

'Bones' tweeted: "Calling yourself the baddest man on the planet from across the street, who does that? Lol."

'The Predator' hit back: "Then cross the street."

The online bickering between Ngannou and Jones prompted Paul to weigh in as he suggested the PFL and UFC work together to host an extravagant fight card.

Of course, he proposed Ngannou vs. Jones as well as Amanda Nunes vs. Kayla Harrison and Leon Edwards vs. Cedric Doumbe.

On Twitter, Paul wrote: "Or let’s have PFL and UFC work together and put on a massive event on ESPN.

"Ngannou vs Jones, Nunes vs Harrison, Edwards vs Doumbe & of course Diaz vs Paul after I knock his ass out in boxing.

"Francis, Kayla, Cedric you in?"

The likelihood of these match-ups happening is extremely unlikely, but it's a nice way to create some buzz on social media.

Ngannou's return to competition will certainly generate a huge amount of publicity when he eventually makes his PFL debut.

The 36-year-old, who will also serve as PFL's Global Athlete Advisory Board and will be a chairman and equity owner in PFL Africa, said of the deal: "I am very excited for this game changing partnership with the Professional Fighters League to continue my MMA fighting career in the PFL’s PPV Super Fights Division.

"I believe in the PFL’s “fighter first” culture and global vision including developing the sport in Africa. With that, I am also proud to announce that I will serve as Chairman of PFL Africa which will be the leading MMA organization on the continent providing great African fighters the opportunity to compete on a global platform."

Featured Image Credit: PFL/Jake Paul/Alamy

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