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Joe Rogan Once Got In A Fight With A 'Fear Factor' Contestant And It's Crazy To See

Jack Kenmare

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Joe Rogan Once Got In A Fight With A 'Fear Factor' Contestant And It's Crazy To See

UFC commentator and all-round entertainer Joe Rogan once got in a fight during his days presenting Fear Factor - and he later spoke about the incident in an episode of his podcast.

In the early days of Rogan's career, the popular American personality hosted Fear Factor - a popular TV show where a series of participants from all over the US faced their worst fears and embarked on severe challenges in exchange for a $50,000 grand prize.

The programme was well-known for its larger than life characters and in one particular episode, the black belt in Taekwondo and Jiu-Jitsu got himself in a scuffle with a contestant who completely lost his temper during filming.

Image: Fear Factor/YouTube
Image: Fear Factor/YouTube
Image: Fear Factor/YouTube
Image: Fear Factor/YouTube

It all began when Rogan told a female contestant off for pushing a male contestant.

"What are you doing, you can't assault people," he said at the time. "What he did is called strategy, you can't run up to him and hit him."

The woman's husband, clearly agitated by Rogan's comments, then approaches the host and starts yelling in his face. Seconds later, Joe got the guy in a clinch and the rest is history.

You can see what happened in the footage below:

Years later and Rogan recalled the bizarre event on an episode of The Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

"The guy got in my face. There's a lot of it that wasn't on film, they didn't put it on TV," he said.

"But, I pushed him out of my face. He said 'Don't push me!'. I said, 'Or what, b*tch?!'. I [thought] this is just too tense. I'm just gonna grab this guy. I'm not getting punched in the face. I just grabbed him, I didn't hurt him.

"I thought he was gonna hit me! I didn't hurt him, I was thinking of choking him. But I was like, I better not choke him. Because if I choke him, you know, maybe they could sue me."

Thoughts on the Rogan/Fear Factor situation? Did he deal with it well?

Let us know in the comments.

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Jack Kenmare
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