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Fighter Suffers One Of The Worst Injuries In MMA History, Even Opponent Is Shocked

Fighter Suffers One Of The Worst Injuries In MMA History, Even Opponent Is Shocked

Fans loved the opponent's sportsmanship during the ordeal.

Nasir Jabbar

Nasir Jabbar

MMA fighter Abdul-Malik Saidulaev suffered a sickening arm injury during his bout against Rustambek Nurzhanov in Russia.

The featherweight clash took place at an ACA: Young Eagles event in Chechnya, with the fight ending in gruesome fashion.

The pair engaged in a clinch with Nurzhanov performing a throw that saw Saidulaev awkwardly land on his arm.

Before Nurzhanov could work from a dominant position, Saidulaev immediately screamed in anguish as he clutched his arm which looked badly broken or dislocated.

To his credit, Nurzhanov showed great sportsmanship as he noticed the injury and withheld from hitting his stricken opponent.

He looked in genuine shock as he walked away from Saidulaev with his hands on his head.

Check it out below (WARNING: GRAPHIC FOOTAGE):

Fans appreciated his gesture.

One commented: "Great sportsmanship from Nurzhanov too. Some fighters would have continued landing the GNP until the ref stopped it."

A second tweeted: "Kudos to opponent for noticing quickly & just backing off."

A third added: "This is one of the nastiest injuries I've ever seen in MMA."

Saidulaev's injury continues a bizarre streak of brutal injuries in MMA following Chris Weidman's leg-break, Jamahal Hill's arm-break and, most recently, Conor McGregor's leg-break against Dustin Poirier.

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