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MMA Fighter With Nazi Tattoos Competes At Event, Suffers Punishing Defeat

MMA Fighter With Nazi Tattoos Competes At Event, Suffers Punishing Defeat

Mikhail Turkanov lost his fight on the FNG card.

Nasir Jabbar

Nasir Jabbar

An MMA fighter with Nazi tattoos competed at a Russian MMA promotion and suffered a punishing defeat.

Mikhail Turkanov, who has the swastika symbol tattooed on his upper right arm and chest, fought Alibeg Rasulov in a welterweight bout at Fight Nights Global (FNG) on Tuesday.

Fans were left shocked by Turkanov's sickening tattoos, but his night didn't last long as Rasulov dispatched the disgraced fighter with relative ease.

The undefeated prospect stopped the Nazi-combatant just three minutes and four seconds into the first round.

He rained down a barrage of punches from the dominant crucifix position to record his 11th victory of his professional career.

Despite Rasulov's impressive win, Turkanov's markings across his body was the main takeaway from the clash.

One Twitter user wrote: "How does someone with those tattoos even get booked to fight? Wtf."

A second tweeted: "Happy to see the man get destroyed but sad to see orgs putting him on TV and giving him a paycheck."

A third added: "Why is he allowed to fight there? He's still getting paid."

Turkanov, nicknamed 'The Pitbull', suffered his sixth career loss, moving his record to 8-6.

FNG, recently rebranded to AMC Fight Nights, is one of the better MMA promotions to come out of Russia - which makes Turkanov's showing on their card more worrying.

Featured Image Credit: FNG

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