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Tennis Fan Convinced He Knows Why Novak Djokovic Was 'Inhaling' Water Bottle At Wimbledon

Tennis Fan Convinced He Knows Why Novak Djokovic Was 'Inhaling' Water Bottle At Wimbledon

It quickly went viral on social media.

Novak Djokovic is through to another Wimbledon semi-final; quelle surprise, right?

The Serbian managed to squeeze through yesterday's (5 July) match against Jannik Sinner, winning in five sets.

But it wasn't quite the polished performance many have come to expect from the world number three, with the Italian easing through the first two sets.

However, following a toilet break and a pep talk, Novak returned to win the final three sets, with some ease, it has to be said.

His comeback left many viewers scratching their heads, as did a mysterious drink that he was passed by his team mid-way through, which some claimed sparked his return to form.

Have a look for yourself:

Eagle-eyed fans spotted the 35-year-old being handed a white bottle, before gesturing to his team several times.

He then began to seemingly both inhale and drink its contents all at once.

The whole exchange really confused a lot of tennis fans watching back at home.

Writing on Twitter, one viewer said: "What’s in the white bottle? it didn’t look like a drink."

Another chipped in: "What is in the bottle? I swear he inhales it."

"What’s in Djokovic’s white plastic bottle? Didn’t look like he was drinking from it," asked a third.

While another added: "What was Djokovic inhaling from that white ‘water’ bottle?"

Well, real tennis aficionados among you will know that this isn't the first time Novak has been seen taking a sip out of his white bottle.

Back in 2020, he employed the same tactic during the final of the Australian Open, when he defeated Dominic Thiem in another five-set match.

And during the post-match press conference, Novak was actually asked about it, and gave a pretty interesting answer.

Smiling at the journalist, he said: "The liquids were magic potions that my physio prepares in his lab. That's all I can say."

The journalist who asked the question revealed that it appeared as though Novak was doing the same thing at Wimbledon.

Retweeting a clip of him once again drinking from the white bottle, Jannik Schneider said: "The "magic powder" from Aus Open 2020 is back. This time without a drinking straw."

So there you have it, mystery solved.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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