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Serena Williams question on quiz show could be the worst of all time, fans are in disbelief

Serena Williams question on quiz show could be the worst of all time, fans are in disbelief

A tennis question involving Serena Williams on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire has gone viral.

A tennis quiz question has gone viral for being utterly ridiculous, prompting reaction from baffled Tennis fans and players alike.

The multi-choice question was from the United States version of 'Who Wants A Millionaire?', with this particular episode airing on 14 March 2021.

But over a year on and it's still causing a stir. Contestant Kyle Shaules, a registered nurse, was asked, "Which of these tennis greats once won the Australian Open while roughly eight weeks pregnant?"

It was just his second question of the show and there were $200 dollars up for grabs. But it may well be the easiest $200 dollars he made given the answers were Andy Murray, Serena Williams, Roger Federer, and John McEnroe.

They are four of the very best and biggest names in the sport but with 23-time Grand Slam winner Williams being the only female, it didn't take a genius to work out the answer.

Of course Kyle went for 'B' and moved on to the third question. 2013 Wimbledon champion Marion Bartoli was left in utter stitches over the question and took to Twitter to express her hilarity.

She wrote, "I mean....." with a slew of laughing emojis, as well as tagging all four tennis players.

Indian tennis player Sania Mirza also weighed in and replied, "Tough one" with a couple of laughing emojis.

But fans were genuinely staggered as to how this was a genuine question on one of the biggest shows.

One joked: "Toughest question of all time!"

A second said: "I haven’t laughed this hard in a while. 50/50 please."

A third commented: "No effing way was that a question????"

A fourth said: "That's tough. Better go with a lifeline!"

A fifth added: "Was this really the question or a screenshot trick?"

A sixth stated: "I am done. What the heck were they thinking when they put that together."

The questions did get harder for Kyle but he went on to win $64,000, deciding to not risk the money on the 12th question.

Featured Image Credit: Who Wants To Be A Millionaire & Alamy

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