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Nick Kyrgios fined $11,000 for swearing and spitting at US Open

Nick Kyrgios fined $11,000 for swearing and spitting at US Open

The Australian was fined for his 'disgusting' behaviour during his US Open win against Benjamin Bonzi.

Nick Kyrgios has been hit with a fine for swearing and spitting during his second round win at the US Open.

Kyrgios defeated Frenchman Benjamin Bonzi over four sets to advance to the next stage of the competition where he will face off against JJ Wolf.

Spitting at least once and swearing several times in a foul tempered tirade, Kyrgios also had a confrontation with the umpire during the match after claiming he could smell weed.

The tennis star said he could smell 'f***ing marijuana' and argued that since he has asthma and is running around a lot it was 'probably not ideal' for someone to be smoking it.

The umpire did listen to his complaint on that occasion, asking the US Open crowd to 'please refrain yourselves from smoking around the court'.

However, Kyrgios was also fined $7,500 (AU$11,000 £7,500) for other 'disgusting' behaviour involving an incident where he spat during the match.

Kyrgios spat at his player's box when his serve was broken late on in the third set, which he went on to lose, and he also directed some foul language at a man sitting there for not supporting him enough.

He said: "Go home if you're not going to going to f***ing support me bro, you are not a spectator."

This is by no means the first time the Australian tennis star, who reached the Wimbledon final earlier this year, has been fined for his conduct on the court.

He racked up multiple fines during his impressive run at Wimbledon, including one in the final for 'audible obscenity' during a spell when he accused a woman in the crowd of having had '700 drinks'.

Kyrgios also picked up fines for spitting in the first round of the tournament, and for demanding a 'new referee' in his third round match against Stefanos Tsitsipas.

Abaca Press / Alamy

The tennis bad boy is thought to have racked up a staggering figure of over £450,000 ($519,000) worth of fines over the course of his career.

As for where all that money goes, according to the man himself it gets sent off to charity so at least some good is coming out of his on-court behaviour.

Other high profile fines in recent years include a whopping £131,000 ($151,000) fine for verbally assaulting an umpire and smashing two racket in 2019, and a £20,000 ($23,000) fine in 2015 for a major confrontation with Stan Wawrinka.

Kyrgios told Wawrinka that his old doubles partner Thanasi Kokkinakis had 'banged' Wawrinka's girlfriend, leading him to be banned from tennis for 28 days along with his fine.

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