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Piers Morgan Calls Nick Kyrgios A 'Monumental A**hole'

Piers Morgan Calls Nick Kyrgios A 'Monumental A**hole'

The British television personality has gone to town on Kyrgios following his Wimbledon final defeat.

Piers Morgan has absolutely unloaded on Nick Kyrgios following the Aussie tennis star's defeat in the Wimbledon final.

Kyrgios fell agonisingly short of clinching his first ever singles grand slam title, losing to arguably one of the greatest of all-time in Novak Djokovic.


The match itself was box office entertainment, but it wasn't without its fair share of drama.

As Kyrgios and Djokovic battled it out, the Australian was growing more and more frustrated with himself, taking it out on people in the crowd.

Viewers watching the final from home weren't exactly sure who he was addressing during his meltdowns, although it looked like his anger was aimed squarely at those sitting in his family box at Centre Court.

“Just say something,” Kyrgios yelled at one point. 

“Do you f**king care at all?”

His comments were picked up by the on-court microphones, prompting the BBC commentator to say: “Apologies for the language, it’s live sport, it’s tense.”

But it seems Kyrgios' antics angered some sports fans – Piers Morgan being one of them.

Once the final had wrapped up with Djokovic coming out on top, the British television personality took to social media to share his thoughts on Kyrgios' behaviour in a series of posts.

Morgan tweeted: "Kyrgios is such a monumental a**hole. Imagine hurling constant foul-mouthed abuse in a Wimbledon final at your own support team/family for YOUR bad shots?

"Kyrgios has stopped blaming his own Player’s Box supporters and is now blaming a woman spectator ‘who’s had like 700 drinks bro’ for distracting him.

"Kyrgios is insufferably rude, obnoxious, childish, petty, & offensive. But he’s also an undeniably brilliant, thrillingly unpredictable player & I still prefer him to Djokovic. So, incredibly, despite everything, I find myself rooting for him today.

"What do we do if Kyrgios starts abusing the royals?"

During the second set, Kyrgios made the chair umpire aware that a woman in the crowd was talking during one of his points.

When the official asked the Aussie to point her out, Kyrgios told him to look for the fan who looked like "she's had 700 drinks".

Overall, it was a pretty funny exchange in retrospect, but one which Morgan also had an opinion on, of course.

"If that Wimbledon spectator really has had 700 drinks there today, she must be very rich," he tweeted.

"Pimms at £10.50 a glass would have set her back £7350."

Morgan then capped off his brutal takedown with one last swipe.

"What a loser," he said.

"Even made me want Djokovic to win by the end."

Morgan rarely shies away with voicing his thoughts on Twitter, regularly engaging in heated debates with fans and fellow celebs alike.

Now we're just counting down the clock to see if Kyrgios issues a response of his own.

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