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Nick Kyrgios Admits To Spitting In Direction Of Spectator During Wimbledon Clash

Nick Kyrgios Admits To Spitting In Direction Of Spectator During Wimbledon Clash

Kyrgios claimed the spectator was being 'disrespectful' and he was entitled to spit in his direction following the matchup.

Tennis star Nick Kyrgios has admitted to spitting toward a spectator at the end of his first-round Wimbledon tie. 

In a clash that saw the Australian call a line judge a ‘snitch’ and complain about spectators who were clapping during the match-up, Kyrgios believed his behaviour was warranted.

With Kyrgios becoming increasingly more well-known for his antics than his actual tennis ability, reporters asked him about his interactions with the crowd following his victory.

When asked if he spat toward someone in the crowd, he replied: "Of one of the people disrespecting me, yes."

The 27-year-old added: "Yes. I would not be doing that to someone who was supporting me. 

"Today, as soon as I won the match, I turned to him...I've been dealing with hate and negativity for a long time, so I don't feel like I owed that person anything.

 "Like, he literally came to the match to not even support anyone really, it was more just to stir up and disrespect. That's fine. But if I give it back to you, then that's just how it is."

Kyrgios claimed he felt he was entitled to spit as the abuse he received from the fans during the match reflected the social media abuse in ‘real life’.

Footage of the incident shows Kyrgios looking towards the crowd following his victory and spitting in the direction of a crowd member before going over and shaking British wildcard Paul Jubb’s hand.

The Australian won a thrilling five-set matchup that saw Jubb battle back to level 5-5 in a dramatic finale before Kyrgios finished him off 7-5.

Things didn’t start well for Kyrgios, however, dropping the first set and clearly unhappy with a spectator in the crowd.

At 1-2 in the opening set, the tennis star made his feelings known to umpire Marija Cicak. 

"You can't f***ing decide to talk to me in the middle of the point when I'm about to do a backhand, It can't be happening bro," he said to the umpire.

"They can watch the tennis but speaking and shouting out in the middle of the point, like why? I don't know where it was."

Earlier this month Kyrgios claimed he had suffered racist abuse during his semi-final defeat to Andy Murray at the Stuttgart Open.

However, clarified this was not the case during his Wimbledon tie.

He said to reporters: “Not today, no, no [racism]. But a lot of disrespect was being thrown today from the crowds. I'm just starting to think that it's normal when it's really not."

Featured Image Credit: BBC.

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