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Nick Kyrgios' Mother Says Andy Murray Helped Turn Her Son's Life Around

Nick Kyrgios' Mother Says Andy Murray Helped Turn Her Son's Life Around

The Scot expressed concern for the Australian when he noticed 'evidence of self-harm' on Nick Kyrgios when they were training together.

Nick Kyrgios’ mother recently opened up about her son’s mental health challenges ahead of the Wimbledon final and how Andy Murray helped save her son’s life.

In an emotional interview with 9 News just hours before Nick’s first-ever Grand Slam final, Nill Kyrgios discussed the pressures her son has faced on the affects on his mental health.

She discussed the impact of Scottish star Andy Murray and how he first noticed evidence of self-harm on Kyrgios when they were training together a few years ago.


The Scot expressed concern to Nick’s then-manager John Morris about Kyrgios’ struggles in an attempt to have Kyrgios reach out for help. 

She said: “The self-harming ... I saw that and people told me that.

“I asked him about it and he didn’t want to talk about it at that time. John spoke to me that Andy is worried about Nick because he can see some evidence of self-harm ... And I blame others for that. For just pressuring him, criticising him. Even people we thought might be supporting him.

“That period was very hard. I just wanted to be next to him constantly so that I could see him. If I could see him I know he’s OK. And if I can’t see him I worry about him so much that it becomes very difficult.

“I am happy. I will celebrate this occasion. Whether he wins or loses, I am super proud that he made it through everything. I’m happy that he’s come out well the other end. You just don’t know what pressure does to people. It’s worrying for a parent.”

While Nick was unsuccessful in his maiden Wimbledon final, it signals a high point in a career rollercoaster and a proud moment for the Australian.


However, his journey to the final wasn’t without its continuous pressures and ‘negativity’ as Kyrgios discussed after the final.

He told reporters: “I lost this match but I feel like just a weight off my shoulders. So much weight on my shoulders all the time. Now it’s just release and I feel amazing. This is the best I’ve felt in two weeks.

“I was obviously super excited to be here and I had some high hopes but I’ve never felt, to be honest, good. I just felt so much pressure, so much anxiety to do things and achieve things and if I don’t... It’s just so much.

“I feel unbelievable. I’m two beers deep.”

Kyrgios suffered a substantial amount of media and fan scrutiny throughout the tournament, from his controversial first-round outburst at the umpire, to being constantly criticised for not honouring the all-white Wimbledon uniform customs. 

Despite the pressures from fans and media, Nill claims Kyrgios is in a much better place than a few years ago when Murray reached out to help him. 

“When he was little we were so close. It’s nice to have him back. It’s really nice. I’m happy for him. He’s happy and enjoying life and appreciating every little thing. It’s a good feeling.”

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